Paper Example: Figurative Comparisons

Published: 2023-01-17
Paper Example: Figurative Comparisons
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The Heinrich poems are known to contain a certain aspect of controversial that no one can directly discover from the eyes of whoever is reading. The figurative language being the most crucial part of the poetic aspect is properly brought out in the poem. In this context, the world is displaying as being enchanting with its cruelty having certain respect where we are forced to adapt to the situations. Loreley poem begins with a sad mood whereby the poet is heard addressing the reader that he is not aware of what haunts him and at the same time he doesn't know what has saddened his mind all through. This appears to be a comparison by the author based on his turbulent seductive ways to the world. The poet displays confusion mood with the sailor which carries a lot of fact with it "no longer marks where the cliff is" is a line in the poem that illustrates symbolism which clearly shows the situation of the sailor he doesn't have an idea whether its evening or daytime. In this context, the state of weather explanation becomes harder to express due to the secretive manner in which it is displayed in the second stanza of the poem. Though the atmosphere shows certain weather conditions that tell the reader it is in the evening it is difficult to conclude this way due to the hidden aspect that the poet expresses the weather conditions.

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Rhyme is a form of figurative language that is incorporated in this particular poem which is seen to illustrate the author's artistic reference. Rhyming aspect in this poem contains a lot of impact in relation to how the poet gives certain expressions to the reader. The rhyme scheme in this context breaks the monotonous of the poem making more interesting to the reader since the poet has incorporated it in different aspect based on the words in different stanzas and lines of the poem. For instance, this is clearly seen in line, 1, 2, 3 and 4 at the end every stanza. The rhyming pattern in this poem makes it sound musical to the reader. This makes interesting to read by the reader and hence one cannot get bored while reading.

Personification is also incorporated in this poem where it put more emphasis on the time at which the activities should take place. Rhine's dark is referred to as personification in the poem whereby the poet mention twilight and cold air which appears to an exaggeration that tends to show who the personas are in this context. This, therefore, makes the poem to be artistically interesting by bringing out the literal hyperbole that is capable of avoiding the direct writing of a poem. This is an aspect that makes the poem to be more challenging through incorporation for the artistic factor. Hyperbole is highly used in this poem for instance in the case whereby the poet tries to illustrate how he combs the hair without any difficulties.

The boatman has a certain attraction to the maiden in a great way. This shows the aspect of the imagery which is created to the reader as it appears to be a bit exaggerated. There is also an aspect of irony in the poem whereby the author shows how the poet is sized by the turbulent love which is also decretive dangerous. Love is a good thing and it is associated with the word turbulent that is full of confusion and disorder it shoes the aspect of irony. This is because in this context the love is taken to be full of danger for instance where the boatman is caught up with the waves as a result of singing Loreley. The aspect of the imagery of Loreley poem is illustrated by a beautiful voice and physical aspect which are captured in a certain exaggerated manner that is used in the poem.

The Heinrich poem belongs to romanticism genre. The incorporation of the figurative language such as imagery, hyperbole, symbolism shows the level of attraction of boatman to the maiden. This poem is not written directly since it consists of a lot of hidden meaning since the poet has tried to use various comparative skills to the reader in order to ensure that the poem is not monotonous. The reader can clearly tell the mood of the poem through a clear understanding of the figurative language that is used. For instance, in the first stance, the twilight is mention and it is highly associated with confused phenomenon making the reader get into the confused mood of the poet whereby he does not know the time of the day. The illustration of the forbidden love is a great approach to poetry and this makes the poem unique and interesting to the reader.

The poem by Heinrich is written in a way that it displays the aspect of romanticism clearly through the use of figurative language such as irony, symbolism, and imagery between the boatman and maiden.

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