Free Paper Example: Business-Level Strategy versus Corporate-Level Strategy

Published: 2023-12-11
Free Paper Example: Business-Level Strategy versus Corporate-Level Strategy
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Business-level strategy in an organization is mainly the decisions made concerning the choice of product, competitiveness, and issues influencing customer satisfaction whereas corporate-level strategy caters for the overall objective and scope of work to match the stakeholders' expectations (Mazzei, 2017). Focus is directed to the Apple Incorporated Company in the Information and Communication Technology industry.

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Business strategy is one designed by the business managers to make better the overall performance while corporate strategy is the one in the mission statement which describes the type of business and organization's end goal. The Apple company uses differentiation strategy where it engages a single company in providing its operating system and the hardware for their products.

Apple applies this strategy by producing high-quality cost-effective products through use of affordable and market available raw materials (Agrawal, 2018). This is supported by the presence of a powerful, creative management personnel and staff in the production, marketing, and delivery of the products.

Corporate-level strategy in the Apple company includes the diversification of its products in a moderate as well as high level (Krämer, 2017). This includes mobile phones, home computers, personal computers, music stores, and software. The other corporate strategy includes liasing, this is so as to benefit from economies of scale, comparing information from competitors and sharing risks and costs. Some alliances Apple has ventured into are AT&T during production of iPhone, Intel for processors and Microsoft for the software in Mac computers, (Vazquez, 2016).

Business strategy is made by middle-level management which comprises of unit or departmental managers. On the other hand, corporate strategy is formulated by the top level managers CEO, managing director and the board members. Apple Inc. Company has initiated business-level strategies focusing on cost leadership and differentiation, which have made the firm maintain dominance in almost all its lines of business, with products like iPhone, Mac computers, iPads, App stores and iTunes taking a big market share. Its strategy works well for the company as well as distribution and retail stores, where personalized services are offered.


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