Free Essay with the Internship Letter Example

Published: 2022-03-23
Free Essay with the Internship Letter Example
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Enclosed herein is my personal resume for your consideration of a potential internship at your logistics company, FedEx in Kelsterbach, Hessen, Germany. Currently, I am a student of Gannon University, Pennsylvania, United States; who is specializing in Supply Chain Management and Procurement. This letter intends to give you background knowledge on myself regarding my academic credentials and my personal future plans which will hopefully secure me a spot as an intern in your company.

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I am a transfer student from Germany, who got offered an academic and athletic scholarship in the United States through the sport of scocer. Since the beginning of my journey in the February of 2016 up to date, I have been enrolled as a student majoring in Supply Chain Managemet at Gannon University. Within the 2 years that I have been enrolled in this institute, I have been able to develop specific soft skills. As in reflection of my resume, I have previously worked as an intern in the FedEx company, located in Kelsterbach.

Through the various internships and jobs I had in the past, I obtained a practical and hands-on experience on various logistics technicalities which would come in handy for your company. I can comfortably handle inventory management as well as be helpful in the organizing and planning of distribution logistics. In addition, I am tech-savvy in that I can record and enter data on various logistics management systems or any other software.

I am also conversant with law matters as I have worked as a legal aide or a paralegal. This experience will help in observing and complying with the relevant logistics regulations and laws. I have also asisted in tracking shipments to ascertain their safe and ti,ely delivery in various destination, capturing this data, and entering it into the company's database. This went a long way in guaranteeing the safety of the cargo and the security of the pertinent information.

I am a service-oriented person with excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Communication is one of the pivotal skills that ensures the company moves forward at the same pace with its stakeholders. There should be no room for ambiguity as all parties should understand each other through clear communication. I am also a strict time keeper and this has helped with strengthening my time management skills. This means that I can organize taks in order of priority and not only get them done effectively, but also in good time.

My proactive personality makes me ideal for grasping issues and solving them instantly as I am able to learn fast. My innovative line of thinking places me as the ideal troubleshooter for challenges whenever they occur in your entity. I am also a critical thinker which means I can discern issues from an enlightened perspective and come up with creative solutions to tackle tough challenges in the simplest way possible. An internship with your company will be beneficial to both your entity and I as I am a resourceful teamplayer who works with others for the benefit of the company.

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