Thakkar's Image of Africa

Published: 2022-05-27
Thakkar's Image of Africa
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Thakkar is a prominent, successful young African entrepreneur. He is the founder of Mala Group and holds other companies in the services of information technology. On top of being Mara Group CEO, he also founded Mala foundation which mentors developing entrepreneurs.

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Thakkar is an entrepreneur who grew his business empire from scratch by selling a single computer to his family friend at a profit, and he gained interest in the same business. He engaged in Mala group which has contributed towards African today's experience in Business and emergence of investment and experts understanding in the sector of business. Thakkar's group has shown potential African deal in investment. His Mala group, these days is termed as African' youngest investors who are billionaires. Through Thakkar's innovation in business after leaving school at the age of 15, Africa has been shaped into a world of business.

Thakkar argues that measuring himself against other people penetrated him to develop his business. He adds that he highlighted his desire and curiosity of being in the sector of business from others. He could bug anybody who came across about business and how they did to succeed. Although he dropped from school while at 15, he is not regretting due to lack of qualification or even attending university, he appreciates his impact on African on investments and experiences in business. He adds that his stay in Dubai where Mala Group headquarters are stationed does not impact his commitment to African and its future too. He says that he has been in Africa but has never seen the kind of global excitement he sees today in the continent. In his additional argument, African climate and ease in the business transaction, has improved drastically in the continent. Mr. Thakkar runs his social enterprise termed as Mala foundation which is recommended for mentoring and supporting individuals who are starting their businesses. The very foundation, offers access to incubation centers in business, to secure a certain amount of investment. Mr. Thakkar's recommended on assisting all continents to be enterprises. He was for, African time to shine had come (Thakkar, 45).

Analysis of the song "Wavin' Flag."Wavin' Flag is a song which was released back in 2009 by Keinan Abdi Warsame. Being born in Somalia in 1987, was also a rapper, a poet in Canada and also an instrumentalist. The music Wavin' Flag developed his fame. As the song starts, the initial two lines and the song title introduces flag-waving imagery. This symbolizes freedom, strength, and unity. No single sequence is repeated in the entire song mostly. The line, "When I become older, I will get stronger" highlights the song's great hopes depicted in its meaning. On the point of accepting no defeat, the song depicts their strength on how they are strong. This song calls them "survival" due to the hard life they have stayed with struggling to eat while fighting for their freedom. It shows their complete patience in wait for the freedom they had been fighting for (Shu-ping, 20).

This song shows how they feel betrayed since they have endured a lot of war where promises impact them and end up being damaged. It stands for hypocrisy from their supports who advocates for love as a mechanism of the solution, but their conflict and war continues. Somalia stereotype is well portraited in this song as they show to the world how they should live and what they had already done. It depicts all their worth to offer strength and hope. This song encourages people to be always faithful even when they struggle in their lives. I think the artist of this song is trying to show his dream of co-existing togetherness of blacks and white in freedom. In the title of the song, the artist does not only focus on the country's sovereignty but also on the hardships he faced during his lifetime.

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