Essay Sample on Nursing Research and Evidence-based Practice

Published: 2019-10-28
Essay Sample on Nursing Research and Evidence-based Practice
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How does the focus of research and evidence-based practice (EBP) differ?

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While research focuses on developing new knowledge or proving existing knowledge, evidence based practice focuses on transforming the evidence and using it in clinical decisions. However, the fact that best evidence originates from research is indisputable. EBP goes beyond the process of research and at times consists of activities such as clinical expertise and also patient preferences (Melnyk, 2014).

Discuss the application of research findings into evidence-based nursing practice.

Research findings are very useful in transforming the evidence into practical clinical practices in one of the following ways. Research findings allow the cultivation of the spirit of inquiry as well as helps define an important clinical question. Research findings also play an important role in collecting and gathering the best and most relevant evidence. Research findings also help develop the spirit of enquiry by nurses (Melnyk, 2014).

Research question

Does cultural background influence patient behavior? Is there a difference in the number of complaints received when patients are from the same or different backgrounds?

A number of complaints are the dependent variable as it can be influenced by the number of patients, who in this case are the independent variables.


The number of complaints increases when the patients are of dissimilar cultural background as opposed to a similar cultural background.

Type of hypothesis

Associative vs. casual

This is an associative hypothesis as it involves examining how various events co-occur

Simple vs. Complex

This is a complex hypothesis as there is a connection between the variables considered here.

Null vs. research

As there is a connection between the variables, in this case, the hypothesis cannot be null. Hence it is research

Directional vs. nondirectionalThis is a non-directional hypothesis. The hypothesis talks about the connection that exists between the variables. No further direction is given.

Discussion 2

Importance of a quality literature review

A literature review is important for several reasons. First, literature review allows you create a good rapport with the people you are presenting your work to. Second, it allows you to avoid incidental plagiarism. Also, literature review allows you to focus on your research.

Essentials of quality literature review

A quality literature review has four essential elements in it. This includes a general statement, a reference to previous work, a gap in research that exists and a reference to the present research.

Struggles of creating a good literature.

Some struggles of literature review include: relying on material that is outdated, inability to balance between material that is relevant and irrelevant and finally lack an organizational structure that is clearly defined.

Relationship between theory and research in nursing

In every discipline, any research without theory would result in discrete information that will not add up to the known knowledge that exists in the field. In every discipline including nursing, theory guides the process of research. Theory and research affect nursing as the two ensures that scientists can weave and bring facts together. From my perspective as a nurse, theory and research have influenced patient care by allowing researchers to carry on from another persons work and theory (Tatano, 2015).


Melnyk, B. (2014). Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing & Healthcare: A Guide to Best Practice 3rd edition. New York: LWW.

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