Free Essay with a Reflection on or Analysis of the Quotes from Technology and the Human Future

Published: 2022-09-23
Free Essay with a Reflection on or Analysis of the Quotes from Technology and the Human Future
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Page 246 "By the turn of the century, however, technology had come to be seen as a dynamic force for social change, bearer of ever larger hopes and fears as a global populace grew aware that technologies can transform, dramatically and perhaps irrevocably, the purposes and conditions of human existence." (246) Page 246. The quote describes the transformation likely to be experienced as a result of technological advancements which have become dynamic over the last years. It is logic to define that technology continues to advance and improve every single day because it is for sure that more applications are being developed for use in various areas.

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Page 248 "The making and deploying of technologies have given rise to ethical questions on multiple levels, from how to protect individual values and beliefs to how much respect to accord to the policy intuitions of nation-states informed by distinctive legal and political cultures." (248) Page 248. The quote suggests that technology has been of benefit to people, but it has also led to many ethical questions in every department. There has been a need to address issues such as protecting individual values and beliefs of people and determining the respect to accord the intuitions of policy. Generally, technology is okay, but it has to follow the policies and procedures set.

Page 253 "Modern societies have committed extensive resources of money and expertise to anticipating adverse technological futures and warding off potential ill effects, but those resources are unevenly distributed across nations and technological domains" (253) Page 253. The quote discusses the commission of modern societies to developments concerning technology where they anticipate significant changes that are likely to occur and that they need to prepare adequately to adjust. It is essential for countries to be aware that there will be more innovations in the future that they will find necessary to implement and they need to make sure that they are ready. Lack of even distribution of resources is a setback to innovations.

Page 255 "As yet, though, the luxury of positive anticipation is limited largely to those who already have much, and hence are well positioned to dream up what it would mean to have still more." (255) Page 255. The quote means that those who positive anticipate things tend to have more already but still want to take in whatever comes. In the concept of technology, the majority of the countries that already have high technology levels are the ones that anticipate more and better innovations likely to take place in the future. This is because they know how well they are positioned to dream.

Page 264 "With technology, we have turned famine to surplus, eliminated killer diseases, plumbed the oceans and the stratosphere, brought outer space within the horizons of human imagination, and opened up the recesses of the human mind to targeted exploration." (264) Page 264. The quote describes the general benefits of technology over the years where it has been used to eliminate issues of famine, killer diseases by inventing the appropriate medicines and that it has made human being to think better and open up to more explorations in the future.

Discussion question

Technology is a significant field that has brought its benefits and other wrong sides to people. What have been the considerable ways that technology advancements have impacted communities and how are countries prepared to implement developing innovations in the future?

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