Free Essay with a Language Development Lesson Plan

Published: 2022-09-30
Free Essay with a Language Development Lesson Plan
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I. Auditory:

Lesson's objective: To enable the learners to grab an understanding of the concepts presented in through interpretation and incorporation of sound.

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Description of lesson activities: A better understanding of toddlers and infants will be enhanced through the incorporation of auditory sounds that promote understanding (Paul, 2007). The way to ensure that auditory learning is improved will be through stimulating a response by playing familiar sounds.

Description of lesson assessment:

The toddlers and infants are being tested on their ability to recognize sounds and their ability to make differences between sounds (Paul, 2007). The evaluation is meant to test how a child's brain is working towards the response that the toddles and the infants directs their attention to different sounds.

II. Speech:

Lesson's objective:

To enable learners to develop and improve their communication abilities, understanding and enhancing the aspect of expressing their feelings.

Description of lesson activities:

The main activity in this category is to teach the learners how to construct coherent words for a better speech mechanism (Paul, 2007). In this perspective, there is a need to incorporate brain tasks with the level of the learners. The learners can tell the differences in their auditory identification of sounds to combining the sounds in speech development.

The learner is engaged in the identification of consonants, use of vowels, incorporating external factors in promoting speech among the learners and involving listening and speaking skills in improving the speech of the learners (Paul, 2007). A better approach is by focusing on the sounds that a toddler can hear and comprehend the meaning anticipated to be communicated.

A child should be able to connect the meaning that a sound and associated images convey. Through the proper connection, the pronunciation should set in as an approach of improving the speech of the toddler. Teaching should involve pointing, the use of words and complete incorporation of associated sounds.

Description of lesson assessment:

The child should be able to convey language development and improvement of speech. The assessment should be based on the connection of the sounds with the right pronunciation in speech.

III. Language Development:

Lesson's objective:

The infants and the toddlers should portray their response to sounds in speech format and should be able to respond to a communicated sound or words (Paul, 2007). Before the baby says the real world, there should be steps that show better results or future improvement.

Description of lesson activities:

Asking the toddlers to say the difference between sounds once they can detect speech. Auditory discrimination will enable learners to improve in language development. The learners should be passed through approaches of portraying similarities and differences in language.

Description of lesson assessment:

The toddler should be able to show that they are conversant with most of the common words and expressions. Words like a cow, elephant, etc. should be able to be differentiated with the use of sounds and images.

Material Needed:

Charts with pictures of familiar animals and features that can be used in developing language.

Audio sounds concerning the animal sounds and pronunciation of words (Paul, 2007).


Grouping the learners.


Seek to modify the common words by connecting them with verbs for better speech development among the toddlers and infants.


Review of the lesson success. Noting down the weaknesses that the lesson portrays. Planning to fix the shortcomings in the next make-up lesson.


Paul, R. (2007). Language disorders from infancy through adolescence: Assessment & intervention (Vol. 324). Elsevier Health Sciences.

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