Free Essay: The International Institute for Sustainable Development Website Analysis

Published: 2023-12-14
Free Essay: The International Institute for Sustainable Development Website Analysis
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The International Institute for Sustainable Development is an institution that can be described as an award-winning independent organization striving to create a world that will ensure that both the people and the planet thrive. The company uses its website to communicate sustainability in all the sectors involving sustainable development. This paper focuses on the institute’s website, which designed the website that runs the website. Apart from that, the paper analyses the website in terms of the type of website, the functionality of the website, the sounds, graphics, sound effects, links, and features. The paper also looks at the population targeted by the website and the purpose of the site and how it promotes sustainable development within the community. Other tiny details are also addressed in the paper, including the detection of any bias, rhetorical strategies used in the website, and the credibility of the website's credibility to be used as a source.

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The International Institute for Sustainable Development. International Institute for Sustainable Development, 2020,

The International Institute's website for sustainable development is an organizational-based website, where all the information and news concerning the institution can be obtained. The name of the website is an international institute for sustainable development, which is the same as that of the institute's name. The URL for the site is, which takes one directly into the website of the company. The website was designed by the company's web designers and has been operational since the early 1990s. However, the website was redesigned by the company in 2006 to introduce new features that ensure the website promotes sustainability in development. The people who were involved in the development of the redesign include Jason Manager, who is the web development coordinator of the institution, Neal Thomas, who was an external design consultant, Heather Creech, who is the knowledge communications director, the communications and publishing manager Stuart Stalen, Susan Barkman who is the director of Development and Community Relations and the CEO of the institute David Runnalls. The website is currently run by the institution's web designers, which creates original and up-to-date information concerning the company.

The functionality of the website since its redesign in 2006 is remarkable. When the website's link is open, the latest news concerning sustainable development goals anywhere on the globe is displayed. Navigating through the website has been made easy and straightforward to make it convenient for anyone visiting the site. The site provides several links that lead to different relevant information for the company. Some of these links lead to credible information concerning the institution, the institution's current focus areas, and blog posts concerning sustainable development goals where people can freely read about other people's ideas and creativity in sustainable development. The website also offers links to an online library with research materials on sustainable development, the latest events affiliated with sustainable development, a newsroom for all the news concerning sustainable development, and a podcast. Apart from that, the website gives a search option where one can search for information concerning sustainable development. The website also has a semi-automated help center in case the user has problems navigating through the system. The users are redirected to someone in the help department to help them navigate through the system. There are two main reasons why the website was redesigned, and they include ease of navigation through the website by the user and to reduce cutter.

There are several features that the website has that make it easier to access and navigate the site. Some of the features include the site search of the website being powered by Google to increase the resource-based. An alphabetical site index also supports the search site of the website. Another feature of the website is that on the thematic pages, the team members are identified. The overall outlook of the website has also been remarkable. This outlook is designed by increasing the white space on the website and a couple of images that keep the user on the website. The color green has also been used on the website on some of the company's website's edges and boundaries. If the user points the links within the website such as 'About,' the website will automatically display the specific sub-links, which might help the users achieve their objectives faster (International Institute for Sustainable Development, 2020). The main audience targeted by the company's website is the policymakers in different countries around the globe. The development of policies needs intense research on how they affect the entire population of a country and if they are in line with sustainable development goals. This website offers a platform where the researchers can get in touch with books, articles, and other resources to aid in the policy development process. Apart from that, the company also targets researchers who come up with strategies that can help achieve sustainable development goals. These researchers range from students in school institutions to academicians in different departments.

The website uses the three rhetorical strategies to ensure that there is traffic on their website and keep the user on the website for as long as possible. These strategies include Ethos, Pathos, and Logos. The website uses language that is simple and direct to the point while navigating the website. The language developers on the website ensure that they appeal to the users through their language and reputation, which provides the users with a remarkable experience while navigating through the website. The website is also filled with images that attract and raise users' emotions while navigating the website. The pleasant images are put strategically, and the white space provides the users with a quality outlook that impresses their emotions. Therefore, the website uses pathos to entice website users to stay on the website for a long time. The website has a library that has certified e-books and articles concerning sustainability development. These documents are based on people's ideas, logic, and reason. These articles have tested theories and policies in sustainability that are available to the users on the website.

The information on the website used in the research contains scholarly and other certified articles that prove theories and policies in sustainable development. The materials are collected from different parts of the world and consolidated for the library of the website. Research has been conducted on these articles by the company. This research ensures that the information from the website is credible. The article can, therefore, be used as a source for information concerning sustainable development.

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The International Institute for Sustainable Development. International Institute for Sustainable Development, 2020,

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