Free Essay Sample with Opinion on Abortion

Published: 2022-06-08
Free Essay Sample with Opinion on Abortion
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One of my close friends and roommate made a big mistake and failed to use protection one night since together with the boyfriend; they were drunk after a party. A month later she found out she was pregnant and her life was a mess. She was a bright respected young girl who had everything running smoothly for her. One night at around eight o'clock, I got back to our room and realized my roommate was giving birth in the bathroom. I heard a gush of water followed by cries of a newborn. Then the toilet got flushed severally. Only to walk in on her and found out that she was trying to get rid of her mistakes. She was severely bleeding while holding her tummy crying in pain. I had to call 911 and ask for help. On reaching the hospital, the doctors said she had lost too much blood and was lucky to have survived, but her uterus was destroyed entirely. The incidence is just one among several others that I have experienced on the aftermaths of an individual practicing abortion. Before knowing or seeing a person who got an abortion and understanding this subject more, I was more of a pro-abortionist. After accompanying my friend to the hospital, my views and thoughts on this issue changed entirely thus took the perspective of a pro-life. Abortion is something that needs to be discouraged and in turn create awareness for contraceptive use to save innocent lives and protect mothers from the harsh effects of abortion to their spiritual (if one observes religious principles), physical, physiological and psychological states.

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Abortion is indeed a big business in which doctors get huge profits. During the birth of Jesus, if any woman had the right to refuse the pregnancy and get rid of it, that would be Mary's sole decision. Considering the practical, financial, and social situations in which she found herself. But still, the preaching's in churches quote that at the right time, the Lord sent His son to us with a purpose (Srikanthan & Reid, 2008). Looking at religious perspective, we see that every man born out of his mother's womb is a gift from God since He has everyone's life laid out even before conception. Therefore, by choosing to abort, then one will be going against God's commandment of not to commit murder. And I tend to wonder, how many Michael Angelo's or Luther Kings have we killed in the name of convenience? Maybe the issue of racism and black discrimination would be a story of the past by now. If Jesus had been thinking of his right and himself when he was on the cross, then things would be different for us. Crucifixion would not have been convenient since it interrupted His life on earth. We all make mistakes yet God still forgives us. But there are decisions that one will have to endure over their lifetime. All that is offered by abortion is a lifeless innocent being. That is a not a moral decision at all.

To conclude, although several people support abortion while others contend against the issue and term it illegal, it is not a bright line, and nobody has managed to come up with a final definition of when it becomes a crime and when it should be permitted. All in all, the matter lies in individual's perspective and their decisions and beliefs towards the issue. I still believe that this act is an offense and needs to be put into effect as an illegal business in every states law with heavy penalties imposed on the offenders. With this in place, those who plan on carrying an abortion cannot run to other nations to continue with their acts from there and get back home without facing the law. In a religious perspective, this is related to sin by committing murder which is against God's word. To reduce instances of abortion, I believe sex education ought to be adequately taught or rather a course on the topic should be incorporated in the school curriculum to explain the concept of pregnancy and sexual intercourse better. If one upholds their religious standards, then they are more likely to view abortion as murder and a sinful act.


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