Addressing World Hunger: Causes, Inequality, and the Role of Mercy Corps - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-12-25
Addressing World Hunger: Causes, Inequality, and the Role of Mercy Corps - Essay Sample
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As the human population continues to grow exponentially, so does the strain on natural resources. Of particular importance to us is food. Food is a resource that is a basic need; that is, it is required by all humans, in sufficient amounts, for survival. As such little or no access to food threatens human survival. As mentioned earlier, food is a resource, and as is wont of all resources, it is normally not equally distributed (Webb et al., 2003). A situation that has been noted and attempts done to curb the situation. Although we may brag that we are at that point in history where food is distributed equally, this has yet to be achieved. Every day a child in Asia or Africa sleeps hungry, a situation that should be nonexistent. Notably, the majority of individuals in the world live below a hundred-dollar margin, and as such, can be classified as being poor. This fact is supported by the data, which reveals that wealth is unequally distributed, with a third of the human population being rich and the rest poor.

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Human beings have always tried their best to cover this gap by aiding those that are unable. With popular religions such as Christianity and Islam vouching for neighborliness, world hunger may be an issue of the past. However, this has yet to be attained. World bodies such as the United Nations and World Food Program have also tried to chip in, and, notably, their contributions have not been in vain. Such world bodies attempt to supply food aid to the regions experiencing shortages. They also fund scientific research programs whose main aim is to boost food production with such inventions as Genetically Modified Organisms whose productivity is at an all-time high. A probable and permanent solution may be found soon. There is a need to educate those living below the one-dollar margin on why they should opt for smaller families as they are way easier to deal with than large families, which require a lot of resources to maintain.

Mercy Corps attempted to fight world hunger and was established in 1979; it is a group consisting of a worldwide team of people who seek to help those undergoing various life challenges. By ensuring that all are served equally, it takes into mind that every single individual can prosper. It strives to ensure that every single human gets access to all that makes life worthwhile. As can be quoted from its website, its mission is: to alleviate suffering, poverty, and oppression by helping people build secure, productive, and just communities. It serves more than 40 nations globally by focusing on the specific individuals undergoing the various challenges, be it hunger, poverty, et cetera (Westerman, 2011). It strives to create a worldwide change by first impacting the life of the local individuals. Like a ray of sunlight, it hopes to impact change everywhere.

Mercy Corp tackles every human challenge with the severity it deserves. This to ensure that a plausible and definite solution is found to every challenge. Also, it does not work alone, but well-wishers support it financially or otherwise. Mercy Corp attempts to be diverse in its employment and prides itself on having a global team composed of about 6,000 members serving in the 40 countries it operates in. All team members have, of most importance, experience, and share the common belief of impacting a global change by first placing a focus on the local. It is one of the few groups that greatly impact humans, gradually but steadily, and it has been successful so far. In-case one is interested in learning more about Mercy Corps, visit for more information about how Mercy Orgs attempts to impact humanity.


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Westerman, J. T. (2011). Wherefore by Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them: An Actor-Network Theory Analysis of Mercy Corps' Peaceful Communities Initiative in Central Asia.

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