Free Essay Sample: The Crucial Role of Social Services in Addressing Students' Socioeconomic Challenges

Published: 2023-11-14
Free Essay Sample: The Crucial Role of Social Services in Addressing Students' Socioeconomic Challenges
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In accordance with the previous data, there has been a growing number of children who need socioeconomic service, which conveys the need for an effective and efficient approach to solving the challenge (RobertsDeGennaro, 2010). Some of the prevailing social issues among students include drug addiction, teenage pregnancies as well as school dropouts. Despite the socioeconomic challenges that take place among children, the state governments have been seen coming up with plans to minimize findings geared to various schools for sociology such as counseling; this has led to a huge challenge to the majority of needy students in such schools who solely depend on such services to overcome the problems that they face in their communities.

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To ensure the continuation of social service delivery as a social worker, I would ensure that necessary resources are identified by visiting various public institutions to ascertain availability and levels of preparedness (McSweeney & Williams, 2018). Moreover, I would identify stakeholders and resources that would be vital in offering the best platforms for students to voice their views and obtain the needed help with the challenging situations in their lives.

For the purpose of ascertaining the effectiveness of the initiative, a follow-up activity will be undertaken. It will comprise assessing the rate of school dropout among students, visiting students will various socioeconomic problems, and visiting schools and other relevant institutions to ascertain the availability of resources needed to socially support students (McSweeney & Williams, 2018).

Finally, the process will be terminated once there is proof that the initiative has met its intended purpose; this will be gauged against the performance key indicators (RobertsDeGennaro, 2010). One of the performance indicators is that the initiative leads to a reduced number of instances of students dropping out of school as a result of social support.


In summary, social services are essential to students experiencing various socioeconomic problems. Social workers need to ensure that socially vulnerable students are accorded the care they need as this would boost the lives of such students by ensuring that they have access to basic needs. Effective provision of social services ensures that there is a reduced level of school dropout and teenage pregnancies among students as well as helping them refrain and recover from drug addiction.


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