Free Essay Sample on Technology and Biblical World View

Published: 2023-11-08
Free Essay Sample on Technology and Biblical World View
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The article I choose in this discussion is, “Facebook data harvesting scandal widens to 87 million people.” Facebook comes with multiple new technologies that widen the number of scandals across the world. Many companies across the world are associated with unethical behaviors in the integration methods of data entry and technology ("Facebook says privacy scandal includes records of 87 million people," 2018). The issue of discussion in this article happened two years ago. The article provides some details on information technology, which is associated with special software used in accounting. The article was retrieved from the publication of NBC News, which indicates that Facebook made an announcement more than 87 million people have their user data shared improperly. This was recorded according to Cambridge Analytica reports their analysis evidence and facts on President Donald Trump campaigns. The company was collecting data from different Facebook users and developing quizzes for users to download for use in their profile. With this activity, Cambridge Analytics was able to access a personal account on Facebook to initiate different political ads. They were able to build a system where US citizens could view political ads that were initiated according to personality traits. The Facebook company was allowing this unethical act to increase its revenue in its financial reports.

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The quiz app was changing how the Facebook account works to allow connectivity with potential users. According to the accounting information system (AIS), the quiz app was helping in collecting, storing, and processing data through computer-based methods. The featured works show how the Facebook company has changed how recovery and search account works to allow people to search other users by using an email address or phone number ("Facebook says privacy scandal includes records of 87 million people," 2018). With this activity, it was possible to find individual accounts through public scraped information. The research study shows that this issue could have affected 2.13 billion users on Facebook. Luckily enough, the feature was unable to mitigate potential risks to users. The sophisticated activity of most people generated some scale where the public profile of Facebook users could have been scrapped. Schroepfer indicated that the feature was disabled to avoid future risks and also to try to recover accounts ("Facebook says privacy scandal includes records of 87 million people," 2018). The idea of data harvesting was associated with the presidential campaign but violating the privacy rights of the user. The chief technology officer was able to identify the potential risk and made plans to handle the user’s data diligently. They initiated an ethical solution by disabling the quiz app.


Facebook was trying to manipulate the private information of its users. Many companies or corporations across the world are involved in such acts, especially when tracking accounting activity using information technology resources. Facebook was trying to take advantage of its potential users through scrapping activity. This was an unethical act personal information of Facebook users exposed to the company. It was an inappropriate act because individual details should not be accessed according to privacy provisions. In other words, the Facebook corporation was involved in the unethical act of invasion of privacy by enabling the automatic download of the quiz app ("Facebook says privacy scandal includes records of 87 million people," 2018). The law indicates that no external party that should access the private information of users without their consent. The company was also engaged in unethical acts of stealing personal data through integrated technology. This was a way of lying to royal users of Facebook because they were not informed of the action. Individual interests in politics led to stealing and lying among Facebook users according to facts and evidence from this article.

Biblical Perspective

Based on Biblical perspective, the unethical act of lying is condemned through Colossians 3:9-10, which states, “Do not lie to one another, seeing that you have put off the old self with its practices and have put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge after the image of its creator ("Bible hub: Search, read, study the Bible in many languages," n.d.).” As Christians, there is a need to separate from acts that lead to sinful behaviors. All believers should live differently because they have adopted new creations by refreshing through knowledge. This means that lying is a sin and disgraces the image of God. Connecting to the unethical practice of Facebook, the company should consider doing what is right for users. Accessing their personal information without their consent is a way of lying to them. It was appropriate for technology companies to consider ethical teachings from the Bible even with innovation and integration of technology.


Finally, the act of stealing is condemned in the Bible through Leviticus 19:11 states, “Do not steal. Do not lie. Do not deceive one another ("Bible hub: Search, read, study the Bible in many languages," n.d.).” The Bible teaches Christians on resources management with the modern urban setting on consumption. All believers are supposed to be responsible for other people in terms of resource access. This means that social conduct is an important aspect when dealing with many people. Companies should adopt social justice approaches in the dynamic community where technology has taken over. All actions should reflect God’s holiness to ensure social justice. The verse shows how both stealing and lying can be dangerous to our normal lives. The Facebook company was lying to its users through quiz app technology. On the other hand, it was allowing Cambridge Analytica to steal users' information without their consent. As such, this article addresses some ethical activities associated with new technology on Facebook.


Facebook says privacy scandal includes records of 87 million people. (2018, April 4). NBC News.

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