Free Essay Sample on Harris Faulkner's Impact on History

Published: 2023-01-18
Free Essay Sample on Harris Faulkner's Impact on History
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Harris Faulkner is an African-American television presenter and news anchor who has managed to make a statement as a female personality in the media industry. In this paper, her contributions to history are analyzed to showcase that she is one of the widely renowned media personalities that are still alive. Without a doubt, Harris Faulkner is a household name especially to many people who are fans of Fox Entertainment Group. Born October 13, 1965, the 53-year old is a mother of two and is married to Tony Berlin (Olson, 1999). When it comes to establishing a balance between one's professional life and personal life, it is a thin line that most women are unable to navigate. However, Harris Faulkner is a phenomenal woman which explains why her name is on the books of history due to her excellence in the media industry. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, her success can be accounted by different factors and one of them is the strict upbringing she had as she is from a military family (Li, Guo, Wang & Zhang, 2019). An evaluation of the achievements by the newscaster entails looking at the undertakings she has pursued and the role they have had in the making the world a better place hence her name being noted down the history books.

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Her career that is still ongoing has been characterized by a series of different roles that she has a played as producer, host, and even at times an actor. During her early days, it was hard for women of color to be able to work for companies that were renowned as conservative. In most cases, people of color (a majority of which are African-Americans) identify as progressives. It is for this reason that Fox News Channel has a minimal number of people who are not white (Picard, 2014). However, Harris Faulkner has contributed to history as she has managed to show that conservative firms can be willing to accommodate progressive employees so long as a high level of diligence and professionalism is showcased. On that note, Harris Faulkner is a professional woman who has managed to excel based on merit. As of 2017, she has been hosting her show "Outnumbered Overtime," and this serves to show that her hard work has paid off. Working for Fox News Channel, she is the first black woman to have her show, and this is inspirational to other girls and women seeking to make a name in the media industry.

Another contribution by Harris Faulkner, which makes her a force to reckon is the role that she played in encouraging freelance writing. As she began her career, some minimal people were willing to employ writers with little experience despite their skill set. However, the television host is one of the pioneer freelance writers who made the practice familiar with many people. Her personal life has been filled with several difficulties considering that at one time she was a victim of harassment by an old acquaintance. Back in the late 2000s, she was victimized by a stalker, a topic that she has addressed throughout her career as a media personality (Harris & Bargh, 2009). Therefore, the contribution that she has made in history is that she has been on the front line to advocate for fair treatment and respect of women. In her way, she has contributed to the debate that creates awareness on sexual harassment and sexual misconduct toast is directed against women. Through her many shows and books, she has used her platform as a means through which awareness of human rights are advocated.

She has also been awarded six Emmy Awards including that for 2005 for the best Newscaster and Best News Special. She is the only woman of color to receive that many numbers of Emmy Awards an indication of her commitment and prowess in her line of work (Li et al., 2019). The award is given as a token of appreciation of the inspiration that a media personality has and on that front Harris Faulkner has managed to encourage many other people to achieve their goals (Picard, 2014). As a passionate and focused woman, she has gone history as a person who remains steadfast about her beliefs on equal opportunities for both men and women. Lastly, she has traveled to different parts of the world as she comes from a military family, and her father has lived in many parts of the globe. She has managed to educate and narrate about these many experiences that allow people to learn about other parts of the world (Harris & Bargh, 2009). Therefore, in a way, she has created awareness about the many injustices that different parts of the world are facing and the strategies that can be pursued to address these setbacks.

Additionally, she has also managed to create awareness about the hardships that military families go through as they anticipate for the return of their loved ones. In conclusion, Harris Faulkner will remain a significant figure in the books of history for her achievements and her contributions to the betterment of society. The world better places because of individuals like her.


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