Free Essay Sample on Essential Healthcare Planning

Published: 2023-11-10
Free Essay Sample on Essential Healthcare Planning
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In previous decades, healthcare was inclusively managed by practitioners. Under such circumstances, various needs for changes had to be adopted to enhance better healthcare delivery (Sommers et al., 2015). Therefore, the Affordable Care Act had to be selected to replace the malfunctioned health systems and programs. However, taking new methods led to the utilization of new policies, which brought a lot of changes in healthcare service delivery (Sommers et al., 2017). Therefore, to ensure sustainability and safety of operation in these organizations, various essential strategic plans are needed to ensure the future is secured. This paper will focus on addressing some of the vital programs and services that can be initiated in the strategic planning that will enable the survival of these facilities in environments created by ACA.

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For any health system to be termed as successful, it needs to protect its members from exploitation while ensuring equal accessibility to healthcare. Therefore, planning for the nature of services vital in securing the future operation of these healthcare reforms is fundamental (Sommers et al., 2017). Among the services, a healthcare system could incorporate to ensure its sustainability is enhancing the availability of specialized medical care. Many health facilities lack specialized medical personnel to offer these services (Sommers et al., 2015). Therefore, facilitating regular critical care secures the market and profitability of a health facility. More so, specialized care is a lifetime medical attention needed by patients. Therefore, thorough planning on how these services will be sustained is fundamental in strategic planning.

Secondly, the Affordable Care Act is among other healthcare programs targeting to enhance the availability of medical services at a cheaper cost. Even though many people are covered under these health insurance programs, everyone is not entirely covered by the same insurance program (Sommers et al., 2017). However, productivity and customer satisfaction are crucial elements of any organization. Therefore, hospitals should plan on supporting more than one healthcare program. Incorporating various healthcare programs in hospital policies broadens the target market, and hence individuals under different medical covers can still receive medical attention in the same health facilities (Scheffler et al., 2018). With proper motivation and planning, the number of patients being served will be increased as more people are being enrolled in these medical covers each day.


Healthcare providers should always focus on ensuring that patient care and wellness are prioritized. Even though the money-making part is also crucial, but healthcare should not be business-oriented. Providing access to medical services to patients outside the health facility is vital (Sommers et al., 2017). Initiating home-based care to patients in critical conditions at the comfort of their homes could be a milestone in ensuring accessible health coverage to all. Furthermore, this enhances the medical reach out to patients, and this increases the quality of life. Consequently, incorporating these services will increase the demand for care yet under medical insurance coverage.


In conclusion, the future of health organizations lies in the planning of their sustainability. Specialized medical attention is often expensive. Therefore, health facilities offering such services under insurance covers are likely to notice an increased number of clients, which is crucial. More so, hospitals need to cover more patients under different health insurance programs. Home-based care is a cheaper medical service delivery system for both the patient and the health care provider, and this is essential in strategic planning.


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