Free Essay Sample on Business Management and Strategy

Published: 2023-11-26
Free Essay Sample on Business Management and Strategy
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Business management strategy is simply the art running an organization or business to attain the highest possible level of returns. For every successful business, employing focussed strategic planning remains a priority, and establishing a solid fundamental framework for the business as the ultimate goal. As a rule, proper planning and management of business activities is a critical role within the business management discipline, which in turn accelerates the success of the business. To attain all this, human resource forms a critical part of a business's top management and ensures the smooth implementation of the various strategies and activities. As a result, the outcome is not only beneficial to the company but also the employees leading to a sustainable and successful business.

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The fact that a happy employee creates a happy customer, an ultimate goal for any organization, employee motivation and support will always remain a top priority. Once an HR strategic plan is in place, several tools are crucial for the consistent execution and review of this process.

Employee Surveys

Whether in a small or large company, employee surveys either formal or informal is a must and the most important of them all. To achieve this, the HR team is tasked with the responsibility to connect directly with employees, and noting their feelings towards their specific feelings comments towards the work they do, and their suggestions. Employees interact directly with issues on the ground, which if they are not addressed properly, lead to poor morale and attitude towards their work, a fatal response to the business. At least twice a year, this technique can be incorporated along with other activities such as a team-building expedition or a party when everyone is feeling comfortable and relaxed. As a result, HR can gather honest and genuine reviews and suggestions, successfully attaining the company's goals.

The other most important strategy tool at the HR’s disposal entails the introduction of training opportunities to all employees alongside performance reviews. Often, employees will always face opportunities and challenges as they climb up their career ladder. As a result, witnessing signs of either burnout or bad moods is inevitable and should not be taken casually. The HR must at all-time be aware of the employees’ welfare to avoid losing them to competitors or quitting. As a remedy, employees should at all times be motivated and empowered to attain their goals as much as the company’s targets. Through training and performance reviews, the employees remain in perfect form leading to optimum performance, hence the success of the company and its employees as a whole.


Business management strategy is attributed to being a high-level functional organization within the larger system of business management, under-which, long-term initiatives are outlined as per the company's vision and goals. While there are many tools for implementing HR's strategy, the employees are the biggest players for the success or failure of any business. A well-managed human resource is an ultimate key to growing a company from one level to another. Employee surveys, performance reviews, and training contribute a great deal to the development of employees, not just psychologically, but also career-wise. As a result, the organization can maintain an empowered workforce meaning quality services to customers, thereby, attaining sustainability and growth.


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