Work in a Healthcare Company as a Practice Manager - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-12-16
Work in a Healthcare Company as a Practice Manager - Essay Sample
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As a professional health worker, I have worked in various institutions that have boosted my specification experience. Upon completing my bachelor’s degree in laboratory practice, I enrolled for a Master’s level to improve my course skills and knowledge. Having worked in different healthcare organizations, I have gained more experience in skills and knowledge. I have also experienced various challenges that have informed my desire to be in an organization's top management level. After a little while of experience and completing different programs, I rose from one management level to another in the healthcare profession. As I climb the management ladder, I have multiple short and long-term goals that I focus on achieving.

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When I began my career as a medical laboratory technician, I joined the institution as a frontline health worker. At this level, I received orders from the managers and the organization’s administration system. After gaining some experience in the field, I was promoted to a middle-level manager in the organization. At this level, I supervised the interns and the frontline workers that joined the organization recently. As a middle-level manager, I developed an interest in the top management, which triggered me to enroll for the Master’s degree in laboratory practice. Upon completion, I was promoted to join the top-management level in the organization. At this level, I oversaw other health workers as they worked in the institution.

As a medical laboratory professional, I have various goals to achieve in the next 3 to 5 years. In the next five years, I would like to work at my dream job. I work and study hard to ensure that in 5 years, I become the top practice manager in a healthcare organization. I have always admired to head operation in a healthcare company to change some of the operations. Additionally, in the next five years, I want to experience a change in healthcare performance management in organizations. As the top manager of the laboratory practices in a healthcare institution, I will ensure that the medical lab technicians are motivated. Additionally, I will amend the appraisal strategy to ensure the laboratory professionals are included in the system. By doing so, I will encourage the acknowledgment and recognition of lab technicians and the importance of their role in a healthcare setting. I will also ensure the performance management in healthcare is embraced to improve the operation and the services provided by health workers. Ideally, in 3-5 years, I want to rise to the top management level to improve the performance management strategies to acknowledge lab technicians' work and other health workers that are disregarded in most cases.

Notably, I will focus on improving the safety and quality of healthcare in organizations. As a practice manager, I will advocate for integrating advanced technology in health care departments, especially the laboratory. Technology will improve the safety of operations as well as quickening the activities. As a result, the patients will acquire timely healthcare services in the community. Additionally, I aim at improving communication between health workers and healthcare consumers. Improvement of communication systems between the two parties will enhance the quality of healthcare. In the next 3-5 years, I will also have joined the medical laboratory trade union, acquired the certification and licensure of practice. Ideally, in the next 3-5 years, I am looking forward to better the healthcare sector, enhancing my laboratory operation skills knowledge to improve healthcare quality and safety.

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