Report on Having Full-Time Workers

Published: 2023-01-08
Report on Having Full-Time Workers
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Philomena Ridley's fitness has two income streams selling three main products including exercise bikes, Treadmills, and rowing machines and offering fitness training for groups. The main advantage of having full-time workers in the business is to increase productivity. When Phil works alone, she might not be able to attend to all the groups that need training. However, when she has other employees, the productivity of the business will increase due to increased sales, and this will make the business to increase its profits. The other advantage is that full-time employment will enhance a strong level of employee loyalty. Having full-time employment makes employees have a sense of job security. If the fitness center hires full-time employees, then they will be loyal to the business and work diligently in ensuring that the set goals of the business and stakeholders are achieved. Also, when they are loyal to the organization, they will be consistent with workloads and providing excellent training to the customers will at the end increase the company's number of customers that further increases sales.

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Even though having full-time employees in a business is a great idea, it also has its disadvantages. One of the cons includes getting additional costs for the business. Having full-time employees comes with its compensation packages which include healthcare costs, holiday, and maternity pay which might be costly for a startup business like the one for Philomena. Therefore, even though the costs are beneficial to the full-time employees, they make a business to incur additional costs that the stakeholders of a business might not have prepared for while starting the business. The other argument against full-time employees is that salaries must be paid even if the business is in a quiet period. There are some periods of the year when a business might not be doing well. However, since the employees are full-time workers, they will have to be paid their dues because that is where they depend on. The employees are the main internal stakeholders in an organization as they have an essential time and financial investment in the business. Therefore, they must be treated well, and this is done by paying them their dues on time.

In conclusion, I would recommend that the business should have full-time employees as the benefits they bring to the business are more than their limitations. The owners of a business are only impressed when a business is making a profit, and they can even go the extra mile in investing in a business that is performing well. Philomena having worked in the fitness industry, will highly benefit by employing full-time employees since it will result in increased sales that further increases the profits that will be able to pay the employees. Philomena should also train the employees so that they can offer excellent training to the customers to increase their loyalty and sales in the long run. Also, a fitness business is different from the others since most people are currently working out meaning the business will always have clients.

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