Free Essay on the Effects of Technology in Early Childhood Education

Published: 2022-06-09
Free Essay on the Effects of Technology in Early Childhood Education
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Learning for young children is at a very important has where technology has taken over the learning activities for the children and even easing the teaching forms. The forms of technology current adopted by early childhood institutions include electronic journals, tablets computers, and laptops, most institutions have embraced technology for the early childhood programs even the adoption is facing various opposition and controversies. After a report from the National Association of young children education, they're as developed a concern of conducting more survey on early childhood educators to understand what technology has influenced in the education system, the importance, and the challenges the first childhood education face when trying to use technology in their activities. Lauricella, Robb, & Flynn, 2010 surveyed that shown that teachers do not have a wider access trainers of technological infrastructures therefore children get to use some gadgets like smartphones more frequently at homes that at school. There are numerous benefits of using technology in early childhood development.

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The adoption of ICT has helped children especially those with special needs and frequently need assists regarding developing their language. The use of specialized computer programs has made it possible. Some children have had problems with writing, and they are very slow in doing their homework. The moral for such children go down as they frequently get negativity from their educators due to some factors like sloppy work, poor handwriting and so on. This category of children is put in word processors and frothier they can hand in quality papers that are clean and very neat. In addition, some kids are blind and just as the average kids they have the right to education, therefore, developing the need of use of computers and other technologies that will help them learn just like the other children.

In the current education systems, some subjects require an aspect of technology to enable the students fully understand the concept. Most of the study areas for children is characterized by the accumulation of vast information that will; mean that the teachers will not only need to transfer their understanding on some contents to children but also offer the students the opportunity to find skills and knowledge from the computers and other resources for themselves. Institutions have moved out of using the book learning approach, but instead, they are teaching the students on how to get knowledge that is relevant to a particular subject from a reliable source ( Punie, Ferrari, and Cachia, 2013)

Students tend to overlook critical statistics, while there is other distracting information to be had. There also are legitimate fear of unknown concerning the use of the internet. Students ho can comfortably use the computers to access the internet can get exposed to information that is not useful for their studies. And even not ideal for their age. Educators want to ensure that the young students obtain to the internet is wide open. Data is supervised for the duration of most of the in-magnificence activities. The same conclusion can be drawn from using all forms of multimedia. If they are no longer appropriately used, ideal or designed, the use of multimedia can lead as a substitute to distraction than stepped forward interest and studying outcome. Furthermore, some mental factors, e.g., enthusiasm, can have an unfortunate effect on college students. It's also essential for educators to distinguish, whether or not technology use is Wanted employing students, or if they might instead select using conventional coaching materials. Worries with recognizing to integration of information technology in early adolescence schooling had been thoroughly studied, and safety concerns can be classified.

The negative side of the technology to the early childhood education is the possible exposure to information that will profoundly reduce their concentration in their school. Easy accessibility to the internet and other irrelevant information may make them want to put some aspects into practice which may be harmful to their well-being and growth. The activities of the children have to be continuously monitored to reduce cases of misuse of the infrastructures. The negative aspect of technology in the children development is long-term therefore giving the need to control the usage continuously.

In conclusion Using computers and generation in early education has grown each year, and the methods in which this era resources are used to manage and Improve applications and improve the understanding of things taught Mastering had multiplied dramatically. The fashion will keep for the Foreseeable future; however, equity issues of getting entry to, affordability, and they want for personal computers literacy for early childhood education teachers will remain as significant Boundaries for many old childhood Packages and professionals.


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