Free Essay on COPD Disease

Published: 2023-01-24
Free Essay on COPD Disease
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Definition and Prevalence

COPD is a dynamic disease of the lungs that is life-threatening. It causes shortness of breath that intensifies to become a severe problem later on after its start. The more familiar terms "ceaseless bronchitis" and "emphysema" have regularly been utilized as marks for the condition. Two hundred fifty-one million instances of COPD were comprehensively reported in the year 2016. All inclusive, it is evaluated that approximately 3.17 million deaths were brought about by the ailment in 2015 (Mannino & Buist, 2007). Over 90% of deaths due to COPD happen in developing nations.

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Risk Factors

COPD's main risk factor is tobacco smoking. Others entails the exposure to the indoor and open-air contamination as well as occupational dusts and chemicals such as vapors, fumes, and irritants. Being exposed to indoor air contamination can affect an unborn child leading to the development of this pulmonary disease much later in their life. Some COPD cases develop as a result of long-term asthma.


This pulmonary disease develops gradually and generally winds up obvious following 40 or 50 years old. The symptoms of COPD that are most recognized are breathlessness, constant coughing, and sputum (mucus) generation. Day by day exercises, for example, strolling up a short trip of stairs or conveying a bag, and even daily schedule exercises can turn out to be troublesome as the conditioning step by step exacerbates (Barnes & Celli, 2009). Sufferers additionally often experience intensifications, that is, not kidding scenes of expanded windedness, hack and sputum generation that last from a few days to half a month. These scenes can be genuinely disabling and result deprived for dire restorative consideration (counting hospitalization) and now and again demise.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Chronic obstructive pneumonic infection isn't curable. Notwithstanding, available restorative and physical medications can help mild side effects, improve practice limit and personal satisfaction as well as diminish the death risk. The best and savvy accessible treatment for COPD for smoking people is smoking suspension (Hunter & King, 2001). This discontinuation of smoking can hinder the disease advancement in smokers and lead to the decline of COPD-related deaths. COPD is not curable, yet treatment can lead to the diminishing of its side effects as well as reduction of the death risk.


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