Global Warming Definition Essay Sample

Published: 2018-03-13
Global Warming Definition Essay Sample
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What causing global warming

Global warming is defined as the climatic change in the environment by the rise in temperatures. Global warming is affecting each and every aspect of life both at individual and global level. When the climatic system changes the environment is left to degrade and the effects are very tremendous. I shall discuss the three levels we can stop the global warming solely so and then conclude with the recommendations to stop the same.

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This is the most essential level that ought to be concentrated on so that we can stop,on a personal level it is very simple to act and stop the global warming. For this to be achieved we ought to deal with it by


Education is very crucial for this to work as most of the time the society is not aware that there is global warming and it will affect them before they know. When the people know that the environment is degrading they would do anything to try and sustain the same for our future generation. Education can only be done on individual level by concentrating on every areas and mostly the ones affected greatly by acts that lead to global warming.


Funding is equally important as the education because for the education to reach the masses money must be used. Funding of the education as a key component of stopping the global warming must be done so that education can reach every corner of this world.


As individuals we can decide to act on self initiative to stop the Global warming. When individuals come together they can stop using products that affect the environment, and even plant trees so that the environment can be clean.


The government of a country controls everything in its country and it can stop global warming by doing and concentrating on the following key issues,


One of the causes of global warming is brought by emission of gases and this can be controlled by the government by enacting laws that protect the environment. Factories emitting these gases can be closed down if they do not conform to these rules and advise them to use environment friendly products


The government ought to fund the education to go to the common man who will in turn do his part so that global warming may be stopped.


The international bodies that are mandated to protect the environment can also be very crucial to the protection of the environment. These international bodied can


When the international bodies organize forums to protect the environment the government involved can adopt these recommendations at that meeting and implement them as laws so that they can protect the government.


These international bodies can recommend to the stakeholders of these meetings what they propose so that we can protect the environment.


Every person should pray his part to protect the environment so that we can meet the standards and protect the environment.

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