Essay Sample on Cognitive Development Experiment

Published: 2023-04-23
Essay Sample on Cognitive Development Experiment
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Cognitive development refers to how a human being thinks, perceives, and develops an understanding of his or her environment of the interaction of genetic and learned factors. The main areas of human cognitive development are information processing, reasoning intelligence, and personal memory.

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  1. The participant of the experiment ere young kids and adults who were subjected to some oral questions to test their memory enhancement and learning abilities of the young kids and the adults. The task of this experiment is to investigate the development of the young one ability to comprehend the information that they receive and how they utilize it in their daily life. The objective of the experiment was to investigate how age affects the capacity of human memory.
  2. The independent variable in the experiment is the human age, which affects the learning and mental capability of a person. The ability of a kind to comprehend the information that he or she receives increases as the age increases.
  3. The dependent variable in the experiment is the memory capacity of a person and the ability to understand the future event that is always affected by individual age.
  4. The cognitive of the dependent variable get designed to indicate how the mind of a person develops at different stages as a person grows from an early age.
  5. Some non-verbal measure of the experiments is at the infancy stage of a kid physical development of an object allows a kid to start developing new intellectual abilities. At the adulthood ab adolescent stage, the intelligence of a person determined through the logical use of symbols related to the occurrences of events.
  6. (a). In a three-year-old, another factor that may affect cognitive development are the experience of a wide range of emotions. Also, they show affection for familiar playmates with great interest
  7. (b). The development of the emotions affects the thinking of young kids as he or she grows as an individual can develop negative or positive thinking, and this results to change of behavior.
  8. The experiment has validity as the emotion that the kid develops towards something affects the human way of thinking and decision making of the individuals. The familiarization of the age-mates contributes to young kids playing together and sharing their ideas, which eventually affect their way of thinking. The kids also can understand their daily duty chore.
  9. Nonverbal measures are the physical activities that are exhibited by the kids at different stages develop as their age changes. For example, running, kicking balls, which results from t a significant impact in their way of thinking.
  10. The child at the age of three to five years can learn and obey orders given to them. The children start to develop the curiosity to understand the context of events and self-consciousness in their activates.
  11. Theory of mind is a social cognitive skill that involves a person's ability to evaluate mental states of other persons. It comprises the ability to attributes individual mental states and other factors such as emotions, beliefs, and how they affect a person thinking.

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