Free Essay Example on The Poisonwood Bible

Published: 2022-09-05
Free Essay Example on The Poisonwood Bible
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The types of captivities portrayed in the narration are emotional, spiritual, physical, and, political. The citizen of Congo been slaves in their entire history, Congo was once colonized by Belgians for several years, which placed Congolese people under suffering. Further, Nathan spreads his religious among Congolese believing his helping them to realize freedom. Instead is efforts denis Congolese people their religious freedom. Women in the novel have been set into captives by their husband and fathers, hence suffering from emotional and physical captivity since Nathan took his family into a dangerous place (Congo) and he deprives them the freedom to go somewhere else and to select what to do. Moreover, Orleanna is emotionally crippled, and it affected her future relationships with her children.

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Rachel's current marriage reaches divorce point, while her third marriage leads to the death of her former husband Remy's death. The departure of Remy gave Rachel the ownership of luxury hotel by the name, The Equatorial that Remy owned when he was alive. Despite her invitation to her sister Leah to show off her hotel as a way to earn herself respect and dignity among her family members, Leah does not show up

The chapter begins with proposing that adhere not to believe in fairy tales (pg.460). But ironically Rachel does the opposite she considers the fact her sister never show up is because Leah could not stand Rachel success. Rachel living within wealth while the Africans around her life in shabbiness, makes her develop the attitude that seeing everyone is jealous of her wealth, she claims that ''My help would rob me blind," (p. 462), Nevertheless, her thought is deceitful. "Oh, I dreamed of a true class reunion of our family. Just imagine all their faces, if they saw this place. Which, I might add, none of them came" (p. 463). However, the reality of the matter is that Leah and Anatole are unable to come because they have had had time in Mobutu. This shows that Rachel lacks current occurrence in political authenticities affecting life in the Congo; there is a separation of the Republic of Congo, governed by Mobutu; and the French Congo that was disclaimed officially in 1910 (pg. 460). This illusion makes Rachel believe that the family does not wish her well and they have isolated her, especially her nephews; hence she commented that "I don't see how those boys are any kin to me" (p. 464). This illusion makes her exclude herself from not only her nuclear family but also the extended family


As the narration ends, the carved- animal woman that appears in the market asserts that "There has never been any village on the road past Bulungu as Kilanga. This appears as a way of deleting the suffering that was brought by Nathan Prince and his religion. It suggests the final failure of Nathan, despite the sacrifice he made to make his mission successful. It emphasizes how small his mission had an insignificant impact on the village, which contrasts Price wishes to repay for his existence of Bataan by saving as many lives as he could. Finally, the events, which took place in the village, did nothing to resolve Price's matters and only lessened the issue.

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