Free Essay on Media, Example for Everyone in Need

Published: 2022-05-26
Free Essay on Media, Example for Everyone in Need
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Essay #1 - The prediction on convergence media cultures by The New York University Press 2005

The convergence of the media culture entails bringing together the technological entities to ensure the effectiveness of the dispensation of the media activities to the customers. Ultimately it also implies the combination of two or more technologies in a single set of the device in increasing the prevalence of the media to the public. The technological advancement which ought to be combined aimed at meeting the demands of people across all the geographical boundaries. A prediction on the media convergence involves the adoption of different technological aspects such as connecting media channels such as the movies, TV shows, radio programs and the magazines in a single device such as the smartphones, iPads, and laptops. On the other hand, the digital convergence also involves the bringing together all the technological media components and some features together.

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The elements combined with the absolute aim of ensuring the effectiveness of the media operation across all the geographical divides. Notably, the digital components which require great concerns and merging include the aspect of global connectivity of the media, streaming media, text, presentation; broadcasting is some of the digital components blended with the aim using a conventional electronic system. The New York University press release of 2005 focuses on the convergence media cultures and its general dynamics in the society. The concept of the convergence media by Jenkins Henry aired as a trade press prediction in the United States. The concern on the evolution of media programs and general activities has taken a lead form in the transformation from the analogy to the digital platform. The New York university press captured the root course to the emergence of the media convergence and all its cultural aspects. The prediction on the actual direction the media prospects ought to take in future spelled out when the story of the then Osama Bin Laden aired and others prompting to take legal action against the media houses.

Upon this occurrence, Henry Jenkins came up with a predicting debate on the way forward towards adopting the single unit system where all the individuals across all the geographical divides can efficiently access the all the media prospects at their dispersal. According to Jenkins the concept of converging all the media culture is essential since it will provide a common platform where co-operates in the media meet their esteem clients in the society. The motive of this paper is to give the cordial prediction on the future projection of the media industry as well as offering the standard platform where co-operates, and multiple media industries meet the total demands of the audience of getting all the media activities on a single device. The image of Bert used by the CNN coverage from the sesame street through the Photoshop to the World Wide Web, all through from the bedroom of Ignacio to the printing shops located in Bangladesh and later to the posters held by the Anti-American protestors and then captured by the CNN.The content of the media portrayed by the picture obtained by the CNN reveals the need to adopt predicting approach with the aim of allowing the consumers to get access to the information from all the diverse arrears in the society. On the other hand, the circulation of the sesame street picture and the global coverage by the CNN is likely to be the strategy used by the anti- Americans regimes such as the Middle East to help divert the conceptual mind-set of the vast mass of consumers in society along the economic divides.

Alternatively, according to Henry, the aspect of media convergence approach tends to focus not only on the technological elements where all the media operation is brought together in the single platform but should also focus on the making the consumers develop paradigm shift and encouraged to seek the relevant information by incorporating all the diverse media content. The media convergence cultures are predicted to create a change from the culture where all the media activities conducted without the proper strategical plan. On the other hand, the absolute transformation of the media cultures not only focus on providing an equal platform where co-operates meet the individual consumers but also have access to participate in the emerging issue and cultures in the society. Imperatively, banking on the notion that the media convergence occurs only on the media appliances but according to Henry, the paradigm shift should be embarrassed to allow the future adoption of significant convergence in the brain of the consumers. When the confluence of the media occurs in the mind of the consumers, the transformation and the effectiveness realized in future. The fragmentation on the media cultures on the media cultures allows leakages often seen in the media, but according to Henry, the management of the technological, the cultural aspects as well as the social changes in the society will be easy to manage in future since the consumers have fully understood the convergence in their brains.

Prediction on the media convergence entails effective and a transformative platform where the media operators and the consumers collectively meet to provide the resources and the skills to improve on the media industry. Apparently, the convergence culture requires a collective intelligence as an absolute source of media resource for recreational life. Merging of the common attribute and the skills tend to explore the ultimate meaning in various fields in the society such as education, law, religion, media operators as well as the military operators.Henry's predictions on the media convergence also focus on the cell phone movies projected as the chief strategy to be employed in future to help market the movie industry which is expected to be on the rise. The cell phone movies offer a sign of relief since the price of the international movie festival is extremely expensive and quite inconveniencing. Also, the media prospects subjected to projection in future by Henry is the actual form of advertisement inform of shirts and caps instead of the regular exchange of business cards. Alternatively, the mode of publishing projected digital desktop publishing to mix freely with the old method, with the aim of producing a more comprehensive publishing platform. The latest assessment on the milestone media has undergone regarding the projection by Henry in 2005 reveals that the press has wholly adopted the screening as the more appropriate way to meet the perennial consumer demands. The digital media explored in the 21st century tends to employ massive technological advancement which is seen to improve the quality of services in the media industry. All the aspects of media convergence as highlighted and predicted by Henry put in practice in most of the media industries across the globe.

Essay #2 - Comparison between U. S magazine press and Saudi Arabian magazine

Both the U.S magazine and the Saudi Arabia magazine bestowed on a common concern of giving out the information about the predictions in the media. Notably, they both acknowledge the need to advance the media operations in line with the technological advancement in the society. The content of the American magazine does not fit the people in the Arabian side though they tend to face a familiar media challenge .therefore the material ought to be formatted to accommodate the individuals across all the cultural divides. Apparently, the content of the prediction in the Arabian magazine targets the scanning on the satellite to boost the military operations in the war toned Middle East states. Ghareeb affirms that the revolution in the Arab world will transform the political discourse.

Notably; one of the cultural barriers to overcome includes the language barrier which seems a major problem in the Arab world. The experience with the technological advancement in the Arab countries has undergone several challenges about the language barrier. The Saudi Arabian magazine requires moderation and formatting to suit the consumers from the other parts of the world. The formatting standard must help minimize the constant language barrier, and the content of discussion should also fit the global technological agenda. The New York press prediction focuses majorly on the convergence media cultures and their contributions to the media industry. On the other hand, the Saudi press relies also offers the forecast in the transformation of the technological advancement. On the other hand, it helps boost the satellite coverage with the aim of establishing political and military stability some of the cultural boundaries negotiated in the US magazine, and the Saudi press release was preceded by harmonizing the language content to fit the intended audiences.

On the other hand, the convergence on the media issues involves almost all stable states as a tool for allowing the public gain access to the relevant information. Also, the religious expectation of the Arab nations requires some aspect of religion inclusion. The barriers encountered to harmonies and ensured uniformity to the receiver audience included illiteracy, cultural values and norms, physical, cultural and the socio-economic aspects of the society. Conversely, Challenges of the media training and hidden advertisement where the publishers only produce stories of their choices. The Saudi Trans-media group engagement is the latest multi-platform imitative which encompasses a number of the media activities under one specific device. The TV channels, filmmaking, the actual movie watching as well as the general social interactions have undergone convergence on a single platform with immense experience. On the economic realm, the media convergence culture has dramatically expanded following the digitization of the computer networking and other related networking companies.

On the same note, the general rate of advertisement has gone high by 15% web sales TiVo and the DVR this follows the demand from the consumers. On the separate account, the pan -African newspaper by Edmund Ghareeb focuses on the media and information revolution. The press discussion depicts similar approach like the US New York press relies on modernizing the media platform to encompass the digitization of the ancient media activities in line with the modern technology. Outstandingly, the media transformation in line with the technological advancement provides the consumers with the information at their disposal. Apparently the currently, technology has made it easier for the potential consumers to get access to relevant information at all times. The video convergences projected by Henry have taken the course. By using the high powered smartphone, the video movies are now accessible and can be watched at all times by the consumers. On the other hand, the top powered phone has magic lenses used to capture videos. This move fulfilled the earlier projected transformation to enable the consumers also to take part in the production information. On another account, development of YouTube has made every consumer movie producers since it is a digital application applied by the users at their convenient times.


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