Essay Example on Critique of Walt Disney's Mission Statement

Published: 2022-11-14
Essay Example on Critique of Walt Disney's Mission Statement
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Walt Disney is one of the most recognized companies in the world for their amusement product and studio. The cartoon characters in the firm are some of the most likable across the globe. The mission statement of the company is to be a lead producer and provider of information and entertainment. The mission statement of the firm has close ties with the tourism industry. The mission statement is an affirmation of what the company is doing to maintain and improve the programs that they offer to their target market (Pfister & Tierney, 2009). Based on its mission, there are troops of people who often visit the Disney Parks to have a glimpse of the amusement park and the studio. Consequently, there is a boost in hospitality and tourism in the country in which it is located, that is, Orlando, in the United States of America.

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The higher number of tourists that are attracted to the country through the firm is positive since it directly contributes to the proportion of revenue that the country earns from tourism. Additionally, it drives the staff of the firm to commit towards producing content that would be more likable to their target audience. The growth in the size of the audience that the firm reaches to enables it to improve on its revenue and the gross national product of its home country. The other positive aspect is that it offers a benchmark for the management of the firm to determine if their activities are aligned to the purpose of the organizational existent and further determine how they would realize revenue allocation for the set of programs that they run.

One of the ways through which the mission could be improved is the distinction of the mission statement from the vision statement. Currently, the firm uses the same statement for their mission and vision. However, having a separate vision statement would enable the firm to determine if they are in alignment with the strategic goals that they would want to realize. The revised mission statement should intend to ensure that the firm is committed to countering their current and future competitions. Some of the most notable competitors of the firm include Comcast Group and Sony. The improvement of the mission should also delve in detailing the particular market niche that the firm would want to reach out to in their operation. According to Kirkpatrick (2016), some of the aspects that need to be added to the mission statement include market position, the customer s targeted and the products that they offer to their target market.

In conclusion, the mission statement of Disney is affirming that it intends to be a market leader in the entertainment and information industry. Notably, the mission statement of the firm has been the basis of the success that the firm realizes in the course of their operations. All operations of the firm tend to be premised on the operationalization of the mission statement. The commitment of the firm is in the realization of the customer preferences, and such would be the basis upon which it would earn profits. The improvement that should be made on the mission statement as it currently is the clear separation of its wordings from that of the vision statement. Such would facilitate the determination of whether the strategic initiatives taken by the firm are premised on its purpose of existence.


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