Free Essay Example about Recent Innovation

Published: 2022-09-28
Free Essay Example about Recent Innovation
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The world has experienced a lot of changes in the past few years. According to Randell (2013), one of the important challenges that the world has experienced is the rise in the rise in technology. The rise in technology has come along with various advantage to the daily activities carried out in the life of human beings. Since the emergence of technology, there has been a continuous innovation of new features that can be used to carry out various activities. An example of recent innovation in the field of technology is the development of personal computers (Haken 2013). The development of personal computers has come along with various features that have meant a lot in the daily activities of my life.

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One of the features of a personal computer is that it has a large memory. The large memory size allows the saving of records that are important especially the ones that pertain to work. The personal computer will enable a large amount of information to be saved. When information is stored on the computer, they will be preserved for a long time, and it is easy to retrieve them. Therefore, whenever I require any information that I have stored on the computer, I can easily retrieve it within the shortest time possible.

The other benefit that I have been able to experience from the use of a personal computer is that it provides statistical packages. These statistical packages are essential when it comes to carrying any form of calculations. As a result of this feature, it has been easy to do proper budgeting of various issues.

The rise in technology has been able to help in the development of the internet. Over the internet, various activities can be conducted. The personal computer has made it easy to get on the internet and do various activities. For example, I can use my personal computer to access the internet to access various types of information. As a result, it has been easy to research different issue and topics. Also, this approach has helped me to keep up with various issues because most of the information is posted on the internet. The use of a computer to access the internet has enabled me to share various to share various types of information with other people through various features such as social media. The social media are a group of websites that are used for interaction with other people. As a result, this element has enabled me to make new friends online who will add value to my life.

The innovation of computers has meant a lot of my life in that they have enabled proper communication. The use of emails has made it easy to send and receive messages. As a result, communication with other people especially my workmates has increased.

The recent development of computers has impacted my life because they are a source of entertainment. When I get bored, or I am free, I can use my personal computer to watch videos or listen to music which provides entertainment during the leisure time.

To conclude, the recent development of personal computers has had a lot of impact on my life in various ways. The presence of personal computers has enabled the sharing of information, interacting with people over the social media, storage of data as well as a source of entertainment. If this technology has not been developed, the world would be a different place completely.


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