Free Essay Sample on Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing

Published: 2017-10-05
Free Essay Sample on Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing
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The nurse workforce remains an important aspect of delivering quality services to patients. However, as a result of dynamics in the healthcare realm regarding various aspects such as technology and management ways, it has become an important factor for nurses across all fields from oncology and paediatrics to psychiatry and community health to advance their education. Although this improvement is aimed at transcending the traditional practice, it also plays an important factor in developing management role.

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Baccalaureate nurses are characterized by being trained to practice all health care functions including critical, outpatient and mental care among others. While the basic education involves regular learning similar to traditional learning approach, baccalaureate education also incorporates decision making, critical thinking, analytical ability, management and leadership skills which are all aimed at improving the patient outcome (AACN, 2016). With regard to critical thinking, these types of nurses are tasked with making decisions that are hard and risky. An example is the quick, life and death decision in case of an emergency situation. Although there are specified procedures for attending particular patient’s condition, sometimes, a situation may present a challenge to the nurses if the current practices are not working. Here, baccalaureate nurses are trained to make quick decisions which effectively address the situation.

Management in the healthcare sector also entails designing and development of a comprehensive nursing care. This involves understanding of a patient’s condition, symptoms, treatment and any signs of danger (Blais & Hayes, 2015). Baccalaureate nurses have, therefore, been trained to understand all situations that may affect a patient thus it is easy for them to develop effective nursing care plans. Another important aspect characterizing the current nursing practice is supervision which also falls under management role. There is need for nurses at the managerial position to effectively supervise support staff and personnel. It is of importance to note is that the current nursing practice has shifted from hospital based to personalize centered care. It is, therefore, essential for nurses tasked with this role be supervised effectively to ensure they deliver quality care to patients.

Technology is also another factor that has been noted to play a major role in providing efficient health care. This involves the use of advanced technology from management to machines. Such include electronic medical recording (EMR) software which is used to collect and store both patient and staff information efficiently. Baccalaureate nurses are trained in all these aspects which make it easy for them to use the advanced technological systems (AACN, 2016). Another important role of these nurses is the management of resources. Their objective therefore is to allocate resources based on urgency and importance correctly. These nurses are thus equipped with skills that aid them in developing proper plans for resources allocation (Blais & Hayes, 2015). Current nursing practice is also characterized by educating patients on best care options and how to lead healthy lives. Such include physical activities and dieting. Baccalaureate nurses are skilled with developing healthy dieting plans and physical activities schedules based on the patient’s condition. Additionally, they assist patients to understand how to live healthy. With regard to community health, baccalaureate nurses are able to guide patients and the society as a whole on how to effectively maneuver through the maze of managing their resources.

In conclusion, the dynamics involved in the health care realm prompts nurses to advance their education and professionalism which characterizes baccalaureate individuals. Some of these changes and advancements include technology and management aspects. Regarding management, some of the roles of baccalaureate nurses include proper resource management, assuming effective supervisory role, developing effective nursing plans and providing education to patients.


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