Free Essay about the Importance of Good Posture for Health

Published: 2022-06-10
Free Essay about the Importance of Good Posture for Health
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a) Explain the meaning and importance of "good posture."

Posture refers to the position that one establishes when standing or in a seated position and includes the alignment of the body parts within the right body framework and the support of the muscles against the earth gravity. A good posture is fundamental when the body is in motion and when one is seated because it provides balance and an upright presentation. A good posture is a primary consideration in the design and application of human creations that are to be used by human beings (Brett & McKay, 2018). Anthropometric refers to the lifestyle, ethnic composition and the nutrition features in the populations that affect the body dimensions and can have a significant impact on the body posture and the design of social utilities such as machines, health measures and other utilities for transport and leisure activities (Elmaraghy, 2018). Ergonomics is the ability to design the public utilities to provide a good working environment. Good posture plays a significant role in ergonomics considerations to create both healthy and efficient workplaces and systems that require the human operator. A good posture can affect the health of an individual due to the pressure put on the internal organs and body systems (Elmaraghy, 2018). The consideration of a good posture in office utility designs such as seats and workstations affects the health of those who use the utilities with great emphasis being put to ensure that a good posture is maintained using correct anthropometric data and measures to design public utilities (Hansraj, 2014).

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b) It is further said that "proper posture can affect your health and hence productivity."

Maintaining a good posture has a significant effect on health and one's productivity because of the distribution and the alignment of the body organs with certain postures creating higher organ performance and body mobility while other postures limit the movement and proper alignment of the body organs (Hansraj, 2014). The body organs and systems are designed to perform effectively. Utility products use anthropometric data in ergonomics to design products and utilities to support human mobility and health of the body systems. A good posture keeps the joints in good alignment which ensures that the muscles of the body are efficient and are not strained which is a very important consideration in ergonomics to ensure minimal strain on the muscles and high effectivity. Improper body posture increases pressure on the body joints which leads to joint complications and pain with the wearing out of the joint surfaces and the weakening of the body muscles due to uneven distribution of body weight (Elmaraghy, 2018).

Good posture has a significant effect on the ligaments that hold the joints of the spine. The spinal system and ligaments hold the body organs and systems in alignment and using anthropometric data ensure that designers can create workplaces and stations that meet the posture needs of the individuals who use them avoiding unnecessary pressure on the ligaments and the spine joints which promotes proper mobility and engagement in activities productively. When the spine is fixed in abnormal positions or the case of the poor design of workstations the body organs distribution reduces effective muscle use and increase the energy needs of the body (Brett & McKay, 2018). However, proper body posture ensures that the body muscles are used effectively, and the body energy distribution is right to meet the energy needs of an individual in their workstation. The proper design of office utilities using anthropometric data ensure good posture, appearance and prevent backache and muscular pain which reduce an individual one's productivity (Hansraj, 2014). Therefore, a good posture ensures good health of the body organs and systems as well as the mobility of an individual due to the proper functioning of the body muscles and the support system which promote high productivity.


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