Free Essay which Contains the Leadership Development Plan

Published: 2017-10-23
Free Essay which Contains the Leadership Development Plan
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Statement of personal leadership vision:

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Statement: The adoption of a leadership model that allows me to lead to my maximum potential by engaging others and capitalizing on my strengths to achieve consistently exceptional results.

My personal leadership vision entails the correct application of a leadership model that allows me to lead my subordinate staff to my maximum potential while delegating as much work as possible to the relevant members of the workforce. Delegation is important since it will allow me to focus my time on the development of the team I lead through strategic plans and goals, as well as, offering support when needed. This strategy is strategic leadership. It focuses on individuals who have overall responsibilities in an organization (Boal & Hooijberg, 2000). The use of strategic leadership in turn will increase the total potential of the organization, office, or project I have been tasked with leading. This is only achievable if I successfully engage all the members of the workforce. Different people have different skills and appreciating this fact is the first step towards delegating work to the people best suited to specific tasks. This helps in organizing the workforce in a manner that harnesses their full potential.

Furthermore, in addition to delegation and strategic support, regular assessment of personal performances of workers will find use in the improvement of team results. This endeavor is accomplishable if it is delegated to the members of staff most suitable to carry out assessments on team members. It is important to note that accurate team assessments will keep me updated about the state of my workforce. It will also provide an excellent overview of the effectiveness of the leadership model and strategy adopted. This is the correct way to lead a team. It creates an environment where the leader and followers capitalize their strengths and achieve consistently exceptional results.

Leadership goals

Goal 1: Enhance my ability to engage those that I lead

The first goal towards in the establishment of an effective leadership plan is the enhancement of my ability to engage the team members that I lead within the organization. Engaging other is key in building relationships. According to Kouzes & Posner (2008), leadership is a relationship between those that chose to lead and those that follow. Therefore, it is critical to engage those that I lead in an effort to build stronger ties and relations. I will enhance my ability to engage by working on being better at listening to the workers. This is achievable through extraversion, which according to Davis (2016) is a leadership trait that draws energy from interacting with other indiviuals.

Furthrmore, improving my ability to engage entails being better at communicating with them. Being good at relaying information will ease the effort with which I need to communicate the changes in the mode of operations that come with the implementation of my leadership plan. This should be pursued because engaging with subordinate staff will provide an avenue for understanding the workforce itself. The wellbeing of the workforce is of utmost importance to the successful adoption of the plan and the fruition of its results. Another reason why it is of importance to understand the workforce is to understand the various strengths and weaknesses. Understanding the tasks a particular employee is better equipped to undertake will be of great help when setting up the delegation of tasks. It will also help with the understanding of the problems workers experience as they undertake their various jobs.

Goal 2: Enhance my ability to address and correct issues affecting the efficiency of those I lead

The second goal in my leadership plan is to enhance my ability to address and correct issues affecting the efficiency and efficacy of the team that I lead quickly. Boal & Hooijberg (2000), write that efficiecy is one of the critical aspects used in measuring organization performance. One of the main benchmarks of my leadership models is efficiency. Efficiency will reduce occurrences of wastage. A good leadership model should strive to acquire efficiency in whatever task the team I lead completes. A proper handle on wastage will streamline the use of resources so that any measure of work put into any tasks yields as much result, as it is possible to get out of such a task. This could end up proving a tall order if the leader and the workforce exhibit minimal interaction. Once an understanding of the problem is developed, it will be in my best interests to initiate the correction of these issues. This is so important because if these problems are left uncorrected they may end up causing the failure of my leadership plan.

Goal 3: Enhance my ability to inspire and motivate other

The third goal to is enhancing my ability to inspire and motive those that I lead. According to Kouzes & Posner (2008), a good leader should be able to communicate their vision to those they lead. The others also write that a leader must be able to enable others to act (Kouzes & Posner, 2008). Therefore, motivating those that follow is critical to the success of the leadership plan. Furthrmoore, as pointed out by Maxwell (1998 or 2007), individuals that are good at raising the morale of others within the organization are invaluable. Therefore, a good leader should also communicate their desires to motivate and boost the morale of the individuals and team members they lead. The team I lead must properly understand this message if a leader is going to have them work towards specific goals.

Strategies to achieve goals

Goal 1:

In pursuit of the leadership plan, the first goal is achievable based on the following actions. The first course of action should be the creation of work relationships aimed at helping me to understand every single workers strengths and weakness better. As mentioned earlier, Kouzes & Posner (2008) points out that leadership is a relationship between those that chose to lead and those that follow. This should be accomplished by immersing myself into the social relationships at the workplace that I have already have created. This will help in the understanding of the social environment within the team and in turn improve social intelligence (Boal & Hooijberg, 2000).

Achievement of the goal will also involve meeting all members of the team I lead. It will also help to talk to as many followers as possible, including members of the workforce who I barely know socially. This will help me to bond with the workforce thus easing the process of understanding their day-to-day interactions with parties in the work environment. It may also help to understand a bit of the personal sides of employee’s lives. Engaging in these endeavors will give me as their leader a well-rounded understanding of any issues or improvements that need to be made to ease the adoption of my plan. This will also make it easy to meet the second goal.

Goal 2:

The second goal entails using all of the information I have been able to collect from my interactions with employees and applying it to the workplace to eliminate waste and improve efficiency. As one of the main issues that needs addressing is the improvement of efficiency, the first task I will undertake should be the organization of this workforce to create a workplace that saves time, money and other vital resources. The information acquired during the achievement of the previous goal is supposed to have provided me with a proper understanding of worker skills and talents so that I can distribute work in a manner that gives a certain job to the person who is best equipped to carry out that job.

This information is also very important in the correction of the issues that may hinder the implementation or success of my proposed plan. Knowing the issues that workers have with their jobs or the workplace first hand will help so much when the leader starts working to fix the problems that bear the potential to hinder the putting in place of the leadership model I want to deliver. Once sorted, I can strategically arrange to find more work that suites my workforce. This will increase the magnitude of the tasks my workforce can complete, reduce the time taken complete said tasks. Once this is accomplished, I will have the successfully increased the potential of my workforce as a whole.

Goal 3:

Improving the motivation and morale of the team will be done by setting up reward systems to motivate the employees and keep their morale levels up. The creation of a more efficient workforce with an increased potential will bring in more work and by extension more income. One simple way to increase the morale of the workforce is by increasing wages paid. This is accomplishable by coming up with employee reward systems like commissions, awards, and employee benefits that extend to members of their families. Adoption of any of these is bound to keep the workforce motivated and on an upwards trajectory.

Another strategy for improving the motivation and morale of the team is through recognition of effort. Monetary rewards and bonuses are only effective to a certain extent. Therefore, it is also critical to recognize individual, as well as, group efforts in particular tasks and assignments where exemplary performance was noted. Recognition can be in form of promotions, career advancements, and additional responsibilities. This is critical in ensuring that in the future the team members continue with their high performance, as well as, ensuring work output remains high.

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