Assignment Example on Strategic Management

Published: 2019-10-04
Assignment Example on Strategic Management
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Fourth Assignment

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Question 1: The mission statement defines the primary business strategies of the company like new product development. It is a reflection of the role that the firm plays and highlights a summary of the reason behind its establishment. It remains the core purpose of the business and serves as a filter to separate what is important from what is not. It communicates a sense of direction that the company is supposed to follow.

Question2: Information system strategy is concerned with understanding the business needs of the company followed by a proper plan of the necessary IT requirements. It is a business perspective on investment, deployment, use and management of information systems. It explains the extent to which the organization uses information systems to seek innovation. Google encourages innovation and creativity among the employees and enhances the security aspects of the business through master search algorithm.

Question 3: The critical strategies of the Google Company include hiring based on intelligence over experience, generation of money through honest means and allowing free and open work culture. The policies help optimum employee job satisfaction.

Question 4: The approach that Google adopted from Porter is the strategy of Differentiation. The system promotes the development of services or products that offer particular utility and are highly trusted as compared to the rest of competitors. The company has strategized on providing unique products and services to its customers. It is capable of doing so since the company is highly innovative. The similar strategy of the company is to develop new products and improve on existing ones. It is concerned with enhancing performance and bridging the gap by identifying the customer needs and fulfilling them.

Question 5: Optimum stakeholders satisfaction: The Company understood the needs of its clients and used the opportunity to enhance the user-satisfaction by implementing various strategies. Enhancing speed: Google makes sure that users are assisted as soon as possible when the need arises. The Company surprised the market by launching search engines that have new characteristics and technologies that have led to flexibility during searching. Shifting competition: The transformation of the company from simple to complex layout has resulted in new strategies to serve customers and revolutionizing the industry. Signaling strategic intent: The Company has restructured its actions such that the strategies of the competitors have failed because they cannot adapt. Policy and simultaneous thrusts: Google uses different business policies and procedures that cannot be understood by the competitors. Its growth appears natural over time.

Fifth Assignment

Question 1: Lego now changes its organization structure, promote product innovation and sales. They also minimize cost by locating factories strategically, developed a new sequence of segments and changed the information system as well. This has enhanced healthy competition.

Question 2: Based on this case, Lego uses change as the most generic strategy to transform its business. The company initiated a change in its product strategies such as products for adults and girls so as to expand its market base. The market base would thus expand due to the use of this strategy.

Question 3: No, the changes implemented are stable. Although there the changes have been slow, the effect is positive. Some of the changes are risky to initialize, but the CEO succeeded in transforming the company to one with a new face of optimization, diversification, and innovation.

Question 4: For the best interest of the company, Knudstorp should keep the good work to enhance competitiveness and development. The company can research and analyze the strategy of the competitors to promote sustenance.

Sixth assignment

Question 1: A business process is a coordination of events that are aimed at provision of products and services. It can be seen as a flow of activities with defined rules based on pre-defined data. A business process clearly defines the necessary inputs which are to be combined to produce an output. Some of the inputs in a business process include energy, raw materials, information, and finance. The tasks associated with the process are manufacturing, advertisements, transportation and sales. The output of the process is products and services that satisfy the needs of customers.

Question 2:The magnitude and frequency at which companies are compelled to make changes presently continue to diminish due to technological complexities.

Question 3: CRM helps in developing better relationships with customers thus leading to increased sales, an avenue for understanding the needs and requirements of customers, cross-selling of products and identification of profitability potentials.

Question 4:Installing an enterprise system requires redesigning the existing processes since the new system has its unique logics that it imposes on the companys culture and strategy. The installation would require training of the workers on its operations. The system might receive protests from the workers.

Question 5: The issues that companies have with one another include: establishing a consistent vision of performance is set to make better the supply chain integration, developing a culture in the both organizations that support the chain and establishment of the right work positioning.

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