Japanese Woodblock Prints Essay Sample

Published: 2018-08-13 15:17:22
Japanese Woodblock Prints Essay Sample
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How to Make a Woodblock Print?

Japanese woodblock prints especially the Buddhist scriptures were used in the dissemination texts as early as the eighth century. They were designed on paper and silk, and they are still used in reproducing written documents. The prints were produced in a whole range of colors. To make the woodblock print, the artist first designs it on paper and then transfers it to a thin transparent paper. Through the lines on paper, they are pasted on a wooden block mostly of cherry wood; the carver then chisels and cuts to make the original in the negative. Ink is then sprayed on the wood and rubbed to make a print.

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Handscroll which is primarily used for displaying a series of scenes in Chinese. They are meant to be occasionally viewed. It is manufactured from a roll of silk or paper that varies in length. It was displayed on a flat table and then kept. The hanging scroll was different from the hand scroll since it was shown in a room mostly for appreciation. They are meant for display in a chamber to be viewed for a given period after which they are rolled up and stored.

The Chinese scroll requires more skills in coming with the piece. The artist must first clear his mind and then start painting. The artist then takes through a journey from one point to another clearly showing what is in the mind of the artist. The viewer never knows what they expect next when viewing. Conceivably, the Chinese hand scroll fascinates me since when seeing the scroll for the first time, it gives one a revelation that he or she will never forget. Seeing the image for the second time gives one the pleasure like that of seeing a friend whom you had met many years ago.

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