Free Essay on Emotional Situations

Published: 2019-08-15
Free Essay on Emotional Situations
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First Emotional Situation

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The first emotional situation is one of anger compounded by sadness. The situation revolves around my realization that some of my peers were having a party that I was not invited to. Despite one of the peers apologizing to me, I was still angry at them for not inviting me.

My first instinct when I realized that no one had invited me was to get angry and lash out at the group. I did this through social media. I wrote some angry messages to some of the peers through social media which prompted an apology on their part.

Qustion1: Why did I get Angry? Realizing that I was not invited to a party by my friends despite the fact that I invite them to my on events made me angry because I thought they did not appreciate me.

Question2: What prompted the onset of sadness? The onset of sadness is because of the conclusions drawn in the backdrop of anger, a direct result of wrongful conclusions.

Of the nine strategies, I would make use of wasted time as well as deal with my ego. This is to say that I loud use more of my free time to think about the emotional feelings of anger and work to control my mental patterns. Dealing with my ego will help in determining ways in which I can accept the situation without internalizing negative thoughts about the situation (Halpern & Riggio, 2013).

Second Emotional Situation

In this situation, I was informed that a distant relative had passed on. Despite the relative being distant, I was close with her because she actively raised me up. The close relationship between me and her makes this situation important to me.

My reaction towards the news was a bland face followed by shallow tears. I could feel a wave of emotions hitting me. At the moment, I felt like crying to the high heavens. However, I kept quiet and just sulked.

Question1: Why did I Sulk instead of cry? I think the sulking was me being overwhelmed by the emotions of shock and sadness at the same time. It is also at this time that I was going through the previous issue of anger.

Question 2: Why the bland face? The bland face was purely out of shock. I never expected to experience such news at a time I was going through my own personal issues.

Of the other strategies, I would choose to use the one whereby I solve one problem at time, preferably one problem for every day. This would allow me to handle each problem appropriately without being overwhelmed. I would also make use of any wasted time to analyze my emotional experience as a result of hearing the news, thus allowing me to solve the situation (Halpern & Riggio, 2013).

Third Emotional Situation

The third emotional situation is one based on peer rivalry. The emotional feelings of jealousy were evoked when I saw a close friend purchased the very same trendy shoes I had told them I intended to buy. The reason this situation is important to me was because I felt betrayed by my friend.

Despite the poker face I exhibited, I was boiling with both jealousy and hatred. The feelings of betrayal were clear to anyone who cared to look. I was clenching of my fists as well as the sharp stare at my friend, my eyes not blinking.

Question1: Why did I feel betrayed? This emotion was because I thought my friend owed me to not purchase the shoe before I did because I was the first one to mention it. Therefore, I would have been in a better position to buy the shoe before anyone else did.

Question2: Why did I not exhibit any physical identifiers of my deep feelings of betrayal? I did not want to be viewed as being weak. This is the reason as to why I kept most of these feelings to myself.

Of the remaining strategies, Keeping my ego in check as well as analyzing my friends and their influences would go a long way in diffusing this situation. Keeping my ego in check would allow me not to make a big deal out of this situation while analyzing my friendships will prevent me from falling into such a situation in the future (Halpern & Riggio, 2013).


Halpern, D. F., & Riggio, H. R. (2013). Thinking Critically About Critical Thinking: A Workbook to Accompany Halpern's Thought & Knowledge. Routledge.

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