Victoria's Secret Instagram Strategy, Essay Sample for Your Inspiration

Published: 2022-04-20 11:50:06
Victoria's Secret Instagram Strategy, Essay Sample for Your Inspiration
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Arguably, when an individual thinks about sexy, allure, and must-have lingerie, one brand stands out in the consumers' mind: Victoria's Secrets. The firm has more than 26 million followers on Instagram and has been ranked as the second most popular brand by Iconosquare Index (My E-Marketing Blog, 2014). Outstandingly the company controls more than 35% of the global lingerie market despite facing competition from startup firms such as AdoreMe, American Eagle among others (Lutz, 2014). The success of the Victoria's Secrets Instagram account can be attributed to the following factors.

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Annual shows: The firm hosts a 12 million yearly show that pays for itself (Hartman, 2014). The televised fashion event not only markets the firm but also generates the 12 million dollars required for the setup. The exhibition depicts opulence and the brand's values and thus has evolved into one of the best marketing strategies that propel the brand. Moreover, the brand picks models and use them as the spokespersons (Hartman, 2014). These enable the consumers to relate and interact with them. Finally, the firm has efficient marketing network that is interlinked, for instance, both the Facebook and the pink line fan pages have a direct link to their Instagram account. As a result of successful marketing strategies, the company has been able to establish itself as unique and a high-quality brand across the globe. The huge customer base has boosted the sales volume hence the profits. From their perspective, the consumers have been able to benefit from the quality products and the dedicated sales services offered by the company.

To encourage customer engagement, the enterprise pays close attention to the customer experiences. Remarkably, the inviting fitting rooms, the pink wallpapers, the highly trained staff and the constant re-inventing strategy adopted by firm establishes a strong bond and friendly environment for the buyers (Holland, 2012). Moreover, the firm has offers and discounted prices on some products.

Victoria's secret model plays a vital role in encouraging brands to develop authentic and appealing marketing strategies. Moreover, it inspires business enterprises to unit their stores with online marketing strategies. For instance, Victoria's secret utilize online data to make merchandising decisions in stores (Holland, 2012). The company has substantially streamlined the stores with online assortments demanded by the consumers. As such, it is imperative for upcoming lingerie enterprises to adopt such strategies.


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