Free Essay: Environmental Problems in the African Continent and Ways to Address the Problems

Published: 2022-06-06
Free Essay: Environmental Problems in the African Continent and Ways to Address the Problems
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Pollutants is the introduction of contaminants into the environment that cause destructive exchange and effects to the environment. Pollution can take the form of chemical substances or energy, consisting of noise, heat, and light. Pollutants, the additives of contaminants, maybe both foreign substances/energies or occurring contaminants. The state of the environment might, however, be affected by the human activities on the forest cover, clogging of the drainage systems which brings about flooding in most places. Deforestation is one of the major problems that has significantly affected the state of most of the countries in the world. It is scientifically proven the forest cover has a significant contribution to bringing rainfall. People have over-exploited the forest products for timber leading to reduced forest cover. The loss of forest and forest cover has significantly aggravated erosion leading to reduced fertility of farms. Drought in most places witnessed today is as a result of lack of rainfall caused by poorly managed forest cover. Farmers are forced to use irrigation in recent years as compared when the rain used to fall significantly. Cutting down of trees to create extra land for cultivation, charcoal burning business, quarrying amongst other social and occupational practices are the most dangerous threats of environmental degradation because of poverty in rural. The bodies in charge of the maintenance of the forests should put strict regulations on the cutting of trees and even restrict the burning of charcoal. The production of timber products should be regulated through issuing of licenses for operation of the timber products. The community should be educated on adopting the use of biogas in cooking and the use of gas thus reducing charcoal burning.

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Littering and substantial waste collection is another environmental problem in most of the African countries. Waste products which do not decompose readily have proven to be a significant threat to the environment both in the rural and urban centers. Lack of proper dumping sites and legal regulations on dumping has led to people leaving plastic packages in any place they feel like. The illegal dumping and garbage disposition leads to the clogging of the drainage systems which later leads to flooding. As a mechanism of reducing improper dumping, the government should strategize on installing a central dumpsite in every livelihood and even establish a waste recycling plant where the waste products will be converted to other useful products. The environmental regulation body can also illegalize the use of plastic bags and containers so that reduce plastic waste products that cannot decompose. Waste management consists of collection, transport, remedy and disposal of waste together with tracking and law. It additionally encompasses the criminal and regulatory framework that relates to waste management covering guidelines on recycling.

Wildlife poaching is another factor that has contributed to the reduced growth of the tourism industry in the sub-Saharan countries due to reducing wild beasts and animals that attract tourists. Trade in animals is a worldwide industry; this is big and profitable industry worldwide. But, a giant part of the trade in the natural world is illegal. Rare and endangered animals and plant life are regularly transferred from wild habitats in negative international locations to buyers in wealthy countries by well-prepared smuggling corporations for use as drugs, furs, food, pets, and ornaments. Illegal international natural world trafficking is predicted to have significant revenue. The character of the flora and fauna alternate makes it tough to estimate the precise annual sales. The poaching and smuggling have caused the loss or reduction of some other species of animals just like the white rhino. The trade of animal must be banned globally so that the animals' life can be spared from the smugglers. The ones caught doing the illegal business have to face lengthy jail terms to serve as an example to individuals that still do the unlawful commercial business.

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