Finding Inspiration Is a Pressing Feature in Life, Free Essay

Published: 2017-07-11
Finding Inspiration Is a Pressing Feature in Life, Free Essay
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Finding inspiration, in general, is a pressing feature in life. It`s a never-ending job that will keep us on our toes yet make us question what inspiration is and where it derives from. Sometimes it`s as simple as getting an assignment and looking through a dictionary for words to use in your next sentence. However, that`s just the beginning, forming those sentences or creating that project step by step needs more than the original motivation. We need to have the self-drive to work with our ideas. It was a process but I learned that creativity is so popularly stemmed from external sources but always completed by internal force.

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Growing up, a common grade I would receive on an essay was always the same letter as the beginning of my name, C. My writings didn`t form a proper English sentence, I didn`t even hand write legible words. I had the inspiration I needed, an assignment in front of me, examples on the chalk board, a teacher for assistance, so why didn`t that motivation do any good for me? It was tough to see my classmates excelling as I sat back using my lunch time to finish my assignments. It was embarrassing to be pulled out of class for a reading/writing extra help course. Those moments became my new motivation to do well but it still wasn`t enough. I didn`t have that inner drive for education; my inspiration was lost in lalaland.

Getting older I was lucky enough to receive the talk from my teachers; they wanted to see me excel. In some assignments I did! In others, I would become excited with an idea and then lose focus. I pondered the difference; I craved to know why my creativity was there but there but nothing became of it. I realized it was me. I was the only one who could change my outcome. What my real drive became was learning my education is what`s important. That`s the key to open the doors I want to walk through each day. I learned to write from inspiration and to not stop there; I would continue to further each writing assignment as a way of bettering myself. I always allowed inspiration to come from many sources but the difference is I now used my inner drive to focus that into finishing each project. I gave myself reasons to love the words I write as each word forms a ladder to my success.

That inner drive is what brought me here today. I want to continue my education to live that life I don`t have now. Your education doesn`t make you but you can choose to make yourself into what you dream of because of it. I`m more than thankful I found inspiration in my future when it comes to writing. Being a writer gives me the opportunity to better myself. So I will continue to be inspired by the world and mold it into my own creation from the will of becoming better. Never stop being inspired, never allow yourself to let go.

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