Favorite Form of Social Media - Free Essay Example

Published: 2019-09-13
Favorite Form of Social Media - Free Essay Example
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The internet revolutionized and opened up the way information and communication took place. After the introduction of the web the way people socialized changed. It was now possible to easily access information about people from different locations in far distant areas. One of the elements of the internet is the social media. According to Acred (2014), social media is a collection of online communications that are focused on community input interaction sharing of content and collaboration. There are many social media platforms available some of the most popular ones include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp Messenger, SnapChat, and YouTube. All the mentioned social media platforms have unique features about them that attract their users.

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Most of the social media platforms serve different purposes. Facebook and Twitter are more about telling the users what you are doing, sharing videos and photos. Instagram is strictly about sharing pictures and short videos that can be accompanied by several words. YouTube is all about the exchange of videos and is seen to be more commercial. Whatsapp, on the other hand, is about sending of videos and photos and short messages to other users that are in your phonebook (Hallam, 2013). My favorite social media platform, however, has to be Instagram. I love Instagram because of its simplicity and user friendliness. It is simply about posting pictures and videos. But what I love about Instagram is you can accompany the photos and videos with as many words as you want. The other reason why I love Instagram is the flexibility. There are a variety of photos and videos that users share on Instagram from personal photos and videos fitness, travel, entertainment, memes and sports videos. So whenever I login into my Instagram page I am always entertained with a variety of videos and photos. On the other hand, my worst social media platform has to be Twitter. I find it to be necessary for celebrities and popular or famous people. Otherwise to get followers is a hustle. Another issue I have with Twitter is that it limits the number of words one can use to share and interact with the rest of the followers.

Personally, I believe that social media has come with more positives than negatives. First of all social media has opened up the whole society. Through social media, I have known a lot of things that I did not know. For example, there are places that I have wished to travel and see how the location looks like. I do not have to wait anymore. I have watched many videos of places like the Great Wall of China, I have seen how some of the greatest armies on earth operate and most interestingly, I have been able to follow the day to day lives of different celebrities on Instagram and SnapChat. Social media has opened up places that that are assumed to be remote to the world. I always thought that some parts of the world like Burkina Faso are forests and bushes. My lack of knowledge has totally turned to an eye opener because I follow people in Burkina Faso on Instagram, and they use the same Television sets, enjoy same music and so on. When I compare the modern society with the period when the social media era was not yet here, there is a big difference regarding knowledge and interaction.


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