Descriptive Narrative Essay Sample

Published: 2019-10-28
Descriptive Narrative Essay Sample
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Each one of us keeps a beautiful memory with them forever as long as they live. This day still lingers on my mind. The walk with my mother in the parking lot of Flatiron Building in New York City several years ago was one of the days that made me so happy. It was a reassurance of my mothers love. Something I had longed to feel to be sure if she really meant it when she would say that she loved me. But this walk across the parking area proved to me that she really did love me.

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Being Asian in America felt different for the adult I could think. At some point in my life, my mother wanted to be a super star, to grab those huge acting roles. She would attend different roles in several occasions but would always come home with a sad face because she had not made it.

On this particular day of her audition was a different one. It felt special, she felt as if she was headed to stardom already. She was in her best moods. I had never seen her like that before. She decided to take with us both; my baby brother Ryan and I to her acting role audition.

Walking Down the streets, carrying my baby brother in her left arm, she clenched her so close to her heart, as if she just had given birth to her and it was the first mother and child skin touch. In her right arm over the shoulder was his bag, she had packed in it a few essentials for clean-up of Ryan, my baby brother. Inside the bag, there was typed paper roles for the script to be performed during the audition.

The papers were longer to fit in her shoulder bag so they hang out. She still held my left hand as we walked unlike some other days when she could carry Ryan and ask me to walk in front of her. May be she could get tired from carrying the baby, the bag and at the same time hold my hand as well. But this was a different special day. She held my hand, and did it with so much passion of a mothers love.

The parking lot was not full so we could walk through talking while maintaining eye contact, not worried whether we might bump in the next parked car. Her body cologne was a different one, I had never smelled it before. It was refreshing and enchanting. It felt as if I had met my real mother for the first time. I wondered where she had kept this kind of herself from me for that long.

Things had changed, it was the best summer day to have spent with my mother. She seemed to be a real angel. People always talk of meeting angels in strangers, well, myself, I had met an angel for the first time- my happy mother. She promised so many things on that day, I felt like finally the world is welcoming my own and I was feeling like a hero. Funny how love can make one fly! I was flying that day. Her face was literally shining and glowing just like angels do! She smile back at me with so much love while she talked to me.

Ryan was six month old and she was safe held closely in the arm of my mother. All he did was to make those bubbly baby noises! He was happy too! Seemed like my mothers happy mood was contagious. Those who walked across the park were equally happy, everybody seemed to wear a happy face. A glance from a happy face automatically makes the other person happy. This would have been the case. Those we glanced with smiled back at us! We were happy people!

On the far end of the parking space, where we had parked our car, there was this child who was crying. They might have had a disagreement with the mother. As we walked passed them, the boy went silent abruptly. He was almost my age, 7 years old or a little bit younger. He wiped away his tears, and his mother put a hand on his chin as if re- affirming to agree with whatever he wanted. My mother looked at me and smiled. Happiness or rather a smile is truly contagious!

Inside my heart I knew this time my mother will be a star and she was headed for stardom. I was sure she would grab the role she was going to audition for. I felt as if I would be a celebritys son. I would walk down the streets and get followed by several cameras. We would start living in the limelight after we get out of that theater room. My mother would eventually get what she has dreamed for so long. Her longing and dreaming was over and it was time to live the dream. May be in New York, is where dreams come true, mine had come true on the beautiful mid-morning and my mothers was next.

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