Essay Sample Dedicated to Ethics of Social Media in Social Work

Published: 2022-06-16
Essay Sample Dedicated to Ethics of Social Media in Social Work
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Dr. Kathryn Chernack communicates the universal ethical principles and issues encountered by social workers in media. Media constraints social workers to develop desirable skills and practices concerning the use of social media platforms like Facebook (Chernack, 2013). Social workers observe the privacy settings of media platforms like Facebook to enhance ethical practices when it comes to commenting on posts and liking pages (Sue, Rasheed & Rasheed, 2015). Tweets and posts are scrutinized by many media users thus social workers check on their communication on media platforms to ensure that they maintain integrity in managing groups and enhancing relationships among people.

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The use of social media in practice is permissible as long as the privacy settings and requirements are upheld. Consequently, there should be a robust analysis of the actions required to maintain an ethical communication in the platforms. Working with social media has various challenges include keeping boundaries professional amid maintaining professional privacy to protect the role of social workers (Sue et al., 2015). Moral principles in social workers are confidence which can be portrayed well through the use of social media challenges.

On the other hand, social media provides a platform for pointing out the challenges that individuals face in their life. Kathrine outlines that privacy setting should be "put into the required privacy setting to avoid forsaking the whole practice of social workers." "Twitter should be a platform for making professional reasoning towards helping the societies to make healthy relationships" (Chernack, 2013). The trends on media platforms should be watched over by social workers since some people may seek online help to the problems they face in their lives.

To maintain the ethical practice in social work, "we need to employ the highest privacy setting to avoid hackers who might violate the ethical practice and principles of social work" (Chernack, 2013). Discipline should be highly valued when using the current technological edge as a way of maintaining professional confidence. It requires the participants to determine "what to use, how to use and when to use" the issues on online platforms (Chernack, 2013). Social workers should subject their clients to high profile privacy to enhance the overall goal of social work. Since media enables clients who are shy of obtaining help through online service, the social workers should ensure that they consider privacy to be a mandatory requirement before starting offering service on the media platforms. Sharing of clients' information anonymously should be avoided to ensure that social work service is at the forefront of success.

Ethics in social media should help to identify any personal curiosity to determine the perfect model of decision making towards the service of social work. Media platforms enable the users to grab an understanding of the legal requirement in the whole function of social work. Agency policies should be followed to avoid immoral acts that might end up violating the ethical practice of social work.

According to Reamer model of ethical dilemma, the use of social media as a platform for enhancing social work has identified both the benefits and drawbacks. It has been found out that clients' data can be gathered from the media platforms thus doing social work practice to depend on the ethical use of media platform (Chernack, 2013). Implementation of privacy issue on media platforms makes the method of social work on media to involve some forms of agency reforms amid maintaining corporate social responsibility (Sue et al., 2015). Social media enables social workers to blog particular issues. Thus it is right to allude to social media platforms.


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