Ethical and Social Responsibility Essay Example

Published: 2022-11-30
Ethical and Social Responsibility Essay Example
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The concept of social responsibility is developed on a system of ethics where actions and decisions must be validated ethically before proceeding. A socially irresponsible action is an action or decision that is found to cause harm to society or the environment. Moral values distinguish between right and wrong. Social fairness in most cases is considered to be present yet; most times justice is absent. Every person in society must act in ways that will benefit society in general. The framework of ethics and social responsibility applies to both individuals and groups. A code of social responsibility is used in interactions with others. When there is a complement between social welfare, economic growth, and the geographical area, social responsibility is attained. A lack of social responsibility leads to social problems. This paper will review drug abuse as a social problem in real life.

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Drug abuse

Substance abuse is persistent excessive use of drugs, where the user takes drugs in amounts which are harmful to themselves and others. It is a costly and common problem in all regions and is practiced by people of all ages, race, groups, and societies. When drugs are abused, they affect individuals, their families, the community and the nation at large. Drug abuse has many negative consequences with significant threats to society. It causes many injuries, illnesses, and deaths. The most common age groups affected by this are the youths. While some drugs are good for our health; others are very harmful, including; marijuana, cocaine, alcohol, and heroin. Frequent use of these drugs may lead to drug addiction that is manifested profoundly in the behavior and health of the addict (, n.d.). They slowly deteriorate in health. Drug addicts lose their moods and appetites, they have sleeping problems, often confused and depressed and they have impaired judgments. Among drug addicts are diseases like heart diseases, kidney and lung diseases, to those who smoke marijuana and tobacco. They also lead to sexually transmitted infections such as HIV AIDS and Hepatitis.

Addicts tend to destroy their social lives and professional ties. After losing their lives to drugs, they end up losing their relationships. Most of these abusers leave their families and loved ones to go to a place where they can take drugs without destructions. They lose their jobs through frequent avoidable mistakes at work. In the conservative perspective, a lot of money is usually spent on solving health issues associated with drug abuse. Resources used in rehabilitation centers could otherwise be channeled to an establishment of careers and businesses that could resolve the issue of unemployment by absorbing jobless people (, n.d.). Drug addicts are hardly productive. Whenever they can work in companies, they put the lives of others in danger and produce dishonorable work due to absenteeism and being unable to work correctly. They exploit their insurance gains and emergency funds.

Most criminal activities are associated with the abuse of drugs. These activities present some security threats to society. Internationally, abuse of drugs is the leading cause of homicides. Drug addicts steal money and other precious goods to be able to buy drugs. They have impaired judgments making them mostly arrogant, impatient, violent and rude. These people start fights even when there is no need to and are the greatest trouble makers in the community. The cognition of drugs and substance abuse has been widely known for some years. The medical community fails to acknowledge the public use of drugs by its members. Most nurses in todays, society, for instance, abuse drugs. The American Nurses Association has established that cross to seven percent of nurses uses alcohol at their places of work (Moos, 2017). Sources have indicated that nurses use drugs in the same amounts as the general population. They are continually facing regular challenges which cost their dignity, morality, and ability to cope with issues.

Drug addiction is a significant health problem which should be solved before it gets out of hand. It affects individuals negatively and everyone around them in the community. The act of quitting drugs requires a strong willingness by the addict, and concerned people should be established to rehabilitate the addicts. Scientists have come up with a wide extent of projects to constructively destroy the equality between protective factors and risks for drug use in education centers and families. Research-based programs have reduced the primal use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. While many cultural and social parameters affect the directions in drugs, whenever tender youths view drugs to be harmful, they tend to reduce their levels of usage. Research-based preventive programs work to get rid of, protect and reduce the danger of drug use (NIDA, n.d). These programs include; selective programs for groups of teens and children, at risk of drug use, indicated programs for youths already using drugs and universal programs for addressing risks and protective factors to children in settings such as the community and the school.

As long as adults abuse drugs, there will always be strong inferences regarding roles, values, anticipations, and consequences of the societal order. Community generally does not allow the use of drugs as a means to escape responsibilities. This fact is essential in considering the youths in this matter. While drugs might be psychologically safe, their experience could be very unproductive and expensive in terms of the individual's chances of developing into amply participating adult.


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