Paper Example. Academic Skills and Studying With Confidence

Published: 2023-04-20
Paper Example. Academic Skills and Studying With Confidence
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In the studying process, there are essential skills that a student needs to possess for them to get the most out of the academic journey as a whole. One of the essential skills that they need to learn is how to source for information when faced with research needs for a particular topic in their assignment. School life is characterized by the issuance of assignments in the form of research that ought to be done and completed in the most satisfactory of methods possible. Students need to know how to source information and material that they can use to explain their research topic and ensure they pass. Proper research needs to use relevant information from reliable sources. The students, while researching, should make sure that they use sources that are current that is approximately within the range of ten years. Any older information may be obsolete and lack authenticity.

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Another critical skill that students need to horn is communication skills related to essay writing and report writing. Essay writing remains the fundamental way of communication in schools, and thus any student must be well-versed in the idea of writing essays. The reason behind that is that not everyone can present their research findings through the way of mouth to the teacher. Essay writing thus acts as the easiest way to show one's ideas and also for evaluation purposes. An essay should be written according to the specifications required by the research question given by the teacher. The students should use their abilities and skills learned during searching for information to make sure they get the best material for their essays. The teacher should be able to see a logical presentation of ideas that flow from one paragraph to the next while no issues of redundancy are present.

After writing a good report, the next thing a student needs is to master the art of presentation of their story to the class or their groups. In the assessment of the work of students, presentation forms an integral part of the process. It confirms that the student researched and worked on the report and that they were well-versed in it. An excellent presentation from students should be presented articulately with a clear explanation of the concepts put forward in the report. The student should be able to answer questions raised by their mates or the teacher and even give alternatives to issues grown. Another skill that contributes to the effective delivery of a presentation is the excellent use of non-verbal and verbal cues. They help send the right message, which was intended by the speaker or, in this case, the presenter. Misuse in the prompts would lead to failure in the presentation and consequent overall failure.

Another skill that students need to learn is the art of time management. Time management is a skill that any person who wants to be successful must master. Students are no exception to that as they too wish to be successful in their field, which is the school environment. It is thus imperative that they find ways to save the little time they have at their disposal and make the best out of it. They need to plan for their time well and ensure they are always on time for their assignments and other programs in the school curriculum. A student who is good time management will always be ahead of others, and that translates to the rest of what they are doing in terms of class performance and other areas like the field during games.

Independence and the ability to reflect on issues affecting one involves being resilient and dependable on self when the situation to do arises. Independence, for instance, is the ability of one to stand on their own and represent themselves well without a support system and without making any mistakes. A student should possess such an important trait that will enable them to survive life in school with minimum influence from their peers, parents, and even teachers. They should be able to sit down and think about the decisions they make in life and deal with the consequences. It is through that they will be able to grow into responsible beings and successful people who are responsible for their lives.

Students should also be able to peer assess themselves and draw meaningful conclusions that will push their friends forward. Peers' assessment ranges from the classwork done in school to even the way they relate with people outside the class environment. Friends should be able to talk to and communicate with their friends and make sure they are in perfect condition in life without adding any baggage. It is through peer assessment that friends have pulled others out of stressful situations and made progress in their healing process. Peer assessment encourages friends to be better and that they can be better if they focus on the positives. The positives are what peer assessment should focus on, although the negatives could be used too, to make sure the same mistake never recurs.

Another skill that students need is to practice collaborative learning. Collaborative learning entails coordinated efforts to make sure that the learning process is a success and that the students get the most out of it. Collaborative learning includes working in a more open classroom where the students and the teachers do open education. The teacher engages the students by asking of questions and making sure that the students participate in answering them. The students also may form groups in class and discuss the various tests and assignments to make sure they come up with the best answers.

Lastly, the whole preparation in high school is for the students to go to University. The transition to University is usually hard to some of the students who find it hard to cope. Help could always be found for them and ensure their transition to the institution is seamless. Some of the challenges are confusion and the feelings of being lost. One is confused because of the sudden change in the atmosphere of reading. All of a sudden, they are supposed to behave like adults and work on their own without being shown what to do individually.

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