Essay Sample with Characters Analysis of The Great Gatsby Novel

Published: 2022-05-13
Essay Sample with Characters Analysis of The Great Gatsby Novel
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Active Passage Answers

At the beginning of the book, the writer detailed descriptive information about Gatsby home, he says it was a house fixed in between, and therefore, this description gives a bright and vivid idea of Gatsby home setting. Moreover, the author uses symbolism, when describing the green light which flashed in days mind when he saw Gatsby mansion home. In other words, it shows readers how far the Daisy dream was to be with Gatsby in reality (Berman, 1996).

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In this novel, Tom and Daisy is a couple, but Gatsby keeps begging daisy to love him back. It is in this conversation whereby Tom admits that he has been cheating her. Tom says sometimes he goes to the spree and does silly things but at the end of it, goes home. In this scenario spree is a hidden word for T, which explains toms' infidelity to daisy which makes her regret her decision of getting married to him (Berman, 1996).

Choose ONE sight passage from the choices. You must construct a formal expository response that outlines the following:

"Don't be morbid," Jordan said. "Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall."(7.74-75)

Daisy was trying to joke as a way of revealing the boredom she is experiencing in her life despite her having wealth and all material possession. In this case, she sees not to be happy with her day in day out of the repetitive lifestyle. This statement addressed to Jordan; the significance of this context was to show that; life is full of seasons, falling from winter to summer (Tredell, 2011). The importance of this context is trying to give us definite possibilities of the dull moments in the life. Again, it shows us how to be a realist and grab opportunities,

Central Characters and their Characteristics

Jay Gatsby (James Gatz)

He is the main character in the novel; Gatsby is among the wealthiest critical personalities in West Egg Estate. Every weekend in his house described as a mansion of clubbing and luxury. He is hardworking and determined, for instance, he moved from rags to riches thus making him a figure of the American dream since he started from a humble background and later he was able to reinvent himself individually on his ingenuity. Also one can note that Gatsby's drive to achieve his goal in all circumstances was commendable.

In understanding his role with Daisy, one can also understand he was a good lover. He made various purchases, which were all part of ensuring Daisy came back to his life.

Nick Caraway

Nick is one of the characters who have the significant role played in the novel. From the first time, he is seen to be an honest person, which makes the story to be more exciting and thrilling. From the way he acts, we can say he has a kind and caring heart. For example, we find him more concerned to know the wellbeing of Daisy's daughter. Additionally, we can say that he is a respectful man and morally upright man. For instance, when Tom and myriad were having sex affairs in the club; instead join the wave he decided to read a novel. Moreover, from his description is honesty person. We find Gatsby trusting him to the extent of revealing his life wealth mystery to him (Forter, 2003).Lastly, we can say that Nick was a caring man; in the scenario whereby after Gatsby death, we see him struggling so much to convince Gatsby friends to attend his funeral.

Tom Buchman

He is among the wealthiest young men in the town, who is very proud and arrogant. As revealed in the statement whereby were told he used his physical structure to get what he needs. As a result, he got involved in a physical conflict with myriad his mistress. Consequently, in the novel, Tom has been described as adultery person, who had captured in the several scenes having an affair with ladies, for example, when he had sex with myriad in the club in front of Nick (Forter, 2003).

From his talking and point of view, he sounds racist and arrogance too. He is captured saying that, from where he came from, he was born to inherit some of the characters like marrying a particular type of ladies.


She was ex-lover of Gatsby and wife to Tom. From her description, we can say that daisy is a materialist lady. After seeing Gatsby, she seems to be influenced by his wealth and so was ready to leave Tom to him.

Daisy is a victim of love character, in the story, even though she has everything she felt incomplete when it comes to love, she needed more love and freedom too. Again, from her conversation with his cousin Nick, we can say that daisy lacks mother care nature. Although she has a daughter she never stayed with her, she had delegated al motherly duty to her nanny (Tredell, 2011).

Myrtle Wilson

A violent, and irresponsible woman, despite being married she has a secret affair with Tom, as a way of getting money. Because of materialist desire, we saw her having sex with tom in the club.

George Wilson

A husband to myriad, he has real love and passion for his wife despite her reckless actions. Also, he is a vengeful person, after the death of her wife through car accident he decides to ravage hence she went on and shot Gatsby (Tredell, 2011).


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