Essay Sample on Personality Questionnaires on Employee Recruitment

Published: 2022-12-13
Essay Sample on Personality Questionnaires on Employee Recruitment
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The following project uses data collection tools that include both qualitative and quantitative but identifies the significance of conducting the study with the help of historical, social, and cultural context. Moreover, the importance of social construction with regards to the respective contexts is taken seriously, and the construction of identities within the participants of the study. The process of data collection will make use of interviews, observations, surveys, and secondary sources like journals supplied by the teachers. Before the project, there would be the measurement of beliefs and attitudes of the teachers with the use of a survey instrument. The beliefs and attitudes are based on the professional responsibilities and roles which are subjected to a diverse kind of participants. Consequently, there would be identification and evaluation of a sample to participate in the next round to facilitate the collection of data.

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An observation technique which is structured to facilitate the collection of more data in the field, moreover, the development of an interview technique will be guiding the administration of interview questions among the participants (PMR, 2019). A more in-depth collection of data will be possible through the administration of multiple interviews, in addition to facilitating follow up procedures. The research project aims to administer interview questions to 20 participants, emancipating from diverse communities and having different identity positions. The work is facilitated by programs that train teachers, with the aid of various research institutions give invaluable support in the identification and evaluation of the participants to undertake the study. The teachers are expected to give unbiased opinions on their daily living by responding to secondary literature prompts. The personal opinions from the teachers should include their beliefs, reactions, and diverse roles as academic facilitators.

Brief Description of the Study

The study was undertaken to facilitate the identification and evaluation of the impact of personality questionnaire in obtaining and keeping employees in a business organization. Therefore, the main research technique used is an interview, whereby, the strengths and weaknesses of the technique was also determined to be part of the research objective. With the need to answer the prompts as put forward by the study goals, the research sought the personalized opinions and beliefs of the human resource staff members based on the study topic. The sample to facilitate the study was made up of five companies who gave out ten respondents each, hence amounting to 50 participants. The participants undertaking the study answered the specially structured questionnaire; thus sufficient data was gathered. The computerized analysis was done on the data obtained, and subsequent interpretation followed suit. The study into the topic is made possible by the use of both primary and secondary resources. The study resources entailed articles, and among other peer-reviewed literature.

Data Gathering

The primary data collection tool used was the study questionnaire. To facilitate the proper collection of data and information, the questionnaire was divided into two segments which included; to survey appropriate and the profile section. The profile section was based on the social and demographic characteristics related to the respondents. For instance gender, age, years as an employee and the position held, and civil status. Whereas, the proper survey section was based on employee perception with regards to the personality questionnaire. The main point of focus was on its reliability and suitability as a tool for employee recruitment. The structuring of the questions was done in a way that four options are made available for either of the questions provided. The four options represented the severity of agreement to either of the questions asked. Whereby option four to one represented "Strongly Agree," "Agree," "Disagree," and "Strongly Disagree" respectively.

The validity testing of the questionnaire was done on five participants from each company's human resource department, taking part in the study. However, the staff members who undertook the validity test were not incorporated into the final study carried out. The culmination of data gathering was characterized by asking of test subjects for additional opinions and personal views pertaining to improvement in the structure of the questionnaire. The respective suggestions help in the restructuring of the questions to remove vagueness and enhance the clarity of the questions.

Research Design (Descriptive)

Studying the topic employed the use of a descriptive research method. According to the Center for Innovation in Research and Teaching, descriptive research is a study seeking to describe a phenomenon, subject or behavior (CIRT, 2019). Therefore, the study method is categorized as descriptive when it aims to obtain quantifiable data which is essential in the statistical analysis of a particular subject or a specific audience. The research method plays the role of observing and describing a study problem or subject without applying any influence whatsoever to the variables therein. Hence, the descriptive research method is considered correlational or observational, but not exclusively experimental. The descriptive research method gathers information on preexisting conditions to be studied, with much interest in the description rather than interpretation. The goal of the descriptive research is to authenticate the hypothesis put forward, but not the presentation of a scenario to evaluate the problem. Therefore, the descriptive research method takes a quick approach with regards to the financial factor present in studies. The researcher should have a clear view of the study topic to undertake before the entire process of data gathering ensues. That kind of research method is of importance since primary data can be collected from the study sample. The gathering of first-hand data is crucial in the formulation of sound and rational recommendations and conclusions without prejudice and bias.

The research into the topic used the descriptive research method in the identification of the significance, and role personality questionnaires bring about in employee recruitment. The method was preferred as it facilitated the collection of primary data and information from the participants. Moreover, preference for the method is based on its flexibility, as demonstrated by the use of both quantitative and qualitative data. The flexibility of the research method is advantageous as the researcher has diverse options with regards to determination of data-gathering tool. The objective of the research is to identify the role and significance of personality questionnaires in employee recruitment by the human resource department. In addition to the impact of using the psychometric technique in the recruitment of staff members. Therefore, the descriptive method of research is important and applicable in the study, as current conditions are what is to be obtained by the researcher.

The study makes use of human resource staff members, who are the respondents in the research. The human resource staff members are obtained from five companies and are required to gather important data and additional information to facilitate the study. The descriptive method of research is applicable since there can be a determination of answers by the respondents which are similar and the diverse ones. The research into personalized questionnaires in employee recruitment obtained two data types. The types of data gathered are categorized into primary and secondary based on their respective sources. For instance, the primary data types were obtained from the survey process when the response by the participants was recorded. Whereas, the secondary data types were gathered from peer-reviewed literature, which are published and relevant to the study topic. Therefore, the study was able to combine the perspective of qualitative and quantitative, with the help of the survey questionnaire. Moreover, the potential limitations of the study were effectively overcome through the proper use of a qualitative and quantitative approach.

The quantitative method of gathering data is based on quantifying relationships existing amongst the measured variables, and statistics and numerical data are significantly used. Hence, the researcher and the study undertaken are considered different entities; consequently, prejudice and bias are minimized. By using quantitative methods, there is the establishment of a study topic which is specific; hence the data collected is usually reliable. Whereas, qualitative approaches gather verbal data and information but not numerical and statistical. There is the excellent use of holistic analysis in the interpretation of study findings. Therefore the quantitative method is more deductive and particular, and is dependent on the development of hypothesis and proving it by the use of statistical data obtained.

The study integrated qualitative perspective in data gathering based on some obvious advantages of the method. For instance, the technique is open to additional ideas during the study process. With the method, the environment under which the study takes place is not manipulated, and there is the use of more controls.


The completed responses obtained from the questionnaires filled by the respondents were tabulated. The use of Likert scale interpreted the interpretation of raw data gathered. Whereby, the weighted mean obtained as a representation of either question was calculated. According to the Corporate Finance Institute, weighted mean computation is undertaken by the multiplication of the weight which is in association with a certain outcome or event in association with its quantitative outcome, after that, together summing the products therein (CFI, 2019). Weighted mean computation is significant in the calculation of such outcomes considered theoretical, whereby, either of the expected outcomes determines a different occurrence probability. Therefore, the obtained data from the experiment is multiplied by the respective weights. The products are then summed together to determine the total value.

Description of the Study Sample

Fifty respondents were requested to undertake the study as participants, with the aim of determining if personality questionnaires affect employee recruitment. There was a clear criterion used in the selection of the participants, such that, pertinent and proper data and the information is gathered, with increased accuracy. Therefore, the criteria were that participants must be human resource staff members of the respective companies taking place in the study. Hence, the researcher is assured that the sample has the knowledge pertaining to personality questionnaire and its nature and application in employee recruitment. The participants being aware of the personality questionnaire were able to accomplish the survey requirements easily. That is because the research was to determine if personality questionnaire influences employee recruitment, hence preferred the use of participants from companies which integrated the use of the technique in workforce selection.

The selection of participants was made from five companies, with the selection of 10 human resource department staff members from either company. That amounted to 50 participants selected to undertake the study. Moreover, the selection of the 50 participants is as a result of random sampling. Whereby, each employee in the human resource department is offered an equal opportunity to be part of the entire study.

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