Essay Sample on Trade Between Asia and Western Cultures

Published: 2023-01-08
Essay Sample on Trade Between Asia and Western Cultures
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Trade, as an economic activity basically involves the transfer of goods or services from one person to another, or from one entity to another. Trade between Asia and western cultures has existed as a result of specialization and the aspect of the division of labor. Trade has had an important aspect of enhancing globalization as well as holding the concepts of production and the aspect of comparative advantage. For instance, trade between Asia and western culture is described by the discussion below.

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Trade in Asia can be described as an open regional network that constitutes effective trade research institutions that are boosted by the International Development Research Centre and other organizations. Asia is involved in both domestic trade and international trade. The Asian trade is based on influencing production and demand as well as developing effective trade even with the international partners through the support of research. The availability of substantial trade surpluses has greatly enhanced trade development in Asia (Sawyer, Sprinkle & Tochkov 2010) while the improvement of trade position is through joining organizations of commodity producers.

On the other hand, trade in western countries is based on the concept of free trade, for instance, the European Union. Trade in the western is usually focused on opening up the world trade. It is usually integrated into trade negotiations and trade policies and agreements (Hamashita 1994). The western world, therefore, has majored on various ideologies and concepts to develop trade both domestic and international, for example striving to eliminate trade barriers.

The comparison of trade in Asia and western trade is that both struggles to enhance trading activities and partnerships as well as competing to dominate trade in the world markets. The two regions have also increased their partnerships in trading activities due to the concept of comparative and absolute advantage hence leading to globalization.

The western world and Asia trade activities have greatly influenced the business environment through globalization and marketing activities. This has also resulted in diversification, and countries acquiring goods and services that they cannot produce. This has led to economic growth promoting the business environment (Power, Schoenherr, & Samson 2010).

The recommendations of the trade between Asia and western cultures should be the integration of effective trading policies and the establishment of free trade, with minimal trade barriers to facilitate both domestic and international growth and hence promoting trade integration.


From the above discussion, it can be justified that both Asia and western cultures have put trade in the leading economic activity and as far as they try to compete in the world trade domination, they still seek to establish trade partnership.


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