Note to Roommate - Free Essay Example

Published: 2017-10-26
Note to Roommate - Free Essay Example
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Dear future roommate,

I realize that as roommates, we should primarily agree on the sleeping arrangements. Feel free to choose between the top and the bottom bed because I have never slept in a bunk bed before and will, therefore, be comfortable on either of the beds as long as I don’t feel confined. Second, I am an avid music enthusiast and a dancer. Another thing you should know about me is that I love listening to music and dancing. Therefore, brace yourself to hear me playing music every morning in the bathroom because it helps me to freshen up. I hope you love music and dancing as much as I do, if so, we can have a blast together. If not, I am willing to tone down the volume.

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I also endeavor to maintain a clean environment and neatness at all times. I am precise about my dresses and like to smell good at all times. However, if you are like my mom, I might have to brush up my housekeeping. Additionally, echoing George Bernard Shaw’s philosophy that there is no greater love than the love for food, I cherish good food. I am a good cook too. Be that as it may, I am not a firm believer of breakfast being the most important meal of the day, so you may not find me at the breakfast table every morning.

Finally, I am an avid tennis player. If you love the sport, we could become partners and train together. I also have a tendency of working late as I strive to finish up my assignments, which could be irritating if you don’t prefer staying up late. If you are not into burning the midnight oil, I can adjust my schedule.

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