Essay Sample on the Landon School of Economics Applicable Mathematics

Published: 2023-03-23
Essay Sample on the Landon School of Economics Applicable Mathematics
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Mathematics is an essential element in many field and profession according to my research in the Landon School of Economics. I realize that economics gets related to mathematics diversely and distinctly applicable in the area. The institute provides an essential platform for graduates to achieve successful grades and scores. My interest in the institute is to master and advance in making a great research platform for mathematical framework in finance and economics. In this case, the application of mathematics enables me to analyze the complex system and dynamic system that gets related to economics studies. I will use the skills gained during the research process in my academic journey that gets related to the desires of my achievement in the school. It will allow me to expound on the mathematical computation and mathematical simulation, which, is relevant when it comes to non-testability in business. The initial success of the course will create platforms for employment opportunities to organizations that seek legit financial analysts in society.

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In the process of my research program, I would like to analyze the fundamental approaches of the mathematical appliance in finance that will help solve the problem of non-testability in the business as earlier mentioned. The course provides a platform for undergraduates to offer necessary skills and for me is to gain the advanced primary knowledge for the research process of the module. It is an essential institute for my career and academics reputation and knowledge computation. The institute encompasses various reliable facilities that enable students to carry out their research programs and advance their knowledge during the course. It is an essential part that makes the institute attractive and suitable for students to master and improves their education background. The curriculum encompasses several fundamentals unites and modules that also enhances the modern mathematical technique and innovative programs of economics. The school has a pleasing reputation across the world in terms of academic advancement, which is one of the primary reasons for my desire to get admitted.

The key reasons that I am suitable for the course are the academic background and overview, which provides an understanding analysis of my education. The other factor that improves my qualifications for the course is the grade point average that I scored in the previous school. The grade 3.92/4.2 is a significant part of the admission for advancement in my program of interest in the institute, which creates an opportunity for me to get admitted. The institute tends to recognize high-quality grade achievers who analyze my grade of great importance and suitable for the school entry. I possess an outstanding degree based on the grade point average at Beijing-Dublin International College. The analyzed score gets based on the bachelors that I did in the college, which was a first-class degree. Besides, several features also boost the suitability of me getting admitted to the school. They are essential since the elements of the academic that I possess are in line with the course advancement in applied mathematics.

The primary feature that acts as an added advantage to my desire for admission in the school is teamwork implementation when it comes to academics. It gets justified by the number of researches works that I did in the past years and the assistance in several institutions across the country. The examples of researches are microeconomics as a course project, global market development, mathematical research on linear programming, and investor's sentiments and Stock Market performance. It advanced my skills which are relevant when it comes to improving in application mathematical. The researches are suitable since they justify the skills acquired that I possess and can get applied in the course programs. As earlier mentioned, the institute provides a platform for students with research duties to operate and gain knowledge due to the availability of materials required for an individual. The school got highly structured in a way that it allows students a spacious area with a conducive environment for effective research practices.

Several evidential analyses of my education background show the suitability of me getting admitted to the institute. I have an outstanding ability of critical thinking, which is suitable for me to learn and advance in the school. Teamwork is the crucial primary root for student's success in academics when it gets carried out positively. I have pleasing and organized skills in teamwork building and maintenance. Besides, the other factor that makes me suitable for the admission is the scholarship awards and the computer knowledge that I gained during my academic journey. The assistance that I used to provide to other individuals and lecturers marks great importance in the admission sector of the institute. The first aid bases on teaching services such as course tutorials, which shows that it is easy for me to understand a given problem and idea. Such skills are perfect for the admission of school and the reputation of me towards the institute. The school also allows such opportunities to students to provide specific services similar to the illustrated one. It sharpens the thinking capacity of the student and enables one to grow academics and career-wise.

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