Essay Sample on the Impact of Science on the World

Published: 2023-02-20
Essay Sample on the Impact of Science on the World
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Scientific advancements bring about several advantages to the human being in varied capacities. The advances in field science have provided a chance for a man to solve some of the challenges that affect daily living. However, the way humans use science is an issue of great concern. There is a fear that humanity might manipulate science in a way that it can be destructive. This essay focuses on the poem by Hawthorne's "Rappaccini's Daughter and "The Birthmark" one can get to understand the way humanity can negatively manipulate science. Also, the concerns about the impacts contrary to science may have on the world get speculated and keenly addressed.

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Relevant Background Information

In the poem, humanity manipulation on science gets clearly shown in various instances. Rappaccini explores science and exhibits an excellent loving for it. His experiments on nature proceed from this toxic love for science to levels where he no longer gets conscious of the negative consequences these experimentations would impose on the environment. The self-absorbed art lover assumes the role of god. Thus, he shamelessly and unemotionally toys with the life of both the plants and people. The exploitation of his researches drives him farther away from his paternal duties as he assumes parental responsibility completely neglecting his family. Scientific ventures should get carefully and observantly undertaken to ensure they do not compromise the ethical morals of humanity.

Paper Breakdown

The focus of these papers is to analyze the impact of science on society, the main point of concern being man's manipulative ways of experimentation with scientific works. The article would start by looking at the advancement's science has achieved over the years. Then the next focus would be the implications or improvements getting witnessed and enjoyed as a result of the scientific developments. Science provides better chances where humanity can find solutions to the world. The reason for discussing this issue is to highlight the fact that science is not entirely negative. Secondly, the paper looks at the negative impacts of science. Humanity seems to be using the knowledge they have discovered about science in the wrong way. Deliberate manipulations of the discoveries and scientific get categorized as harmful ventures into the bad science that should get banned and prohibited. Finally, the paper will seek to propose approaches that the world needs to take to regulate the adverse effects of science. The measures that would be enacted to regulate how far scientists would go into their ventures and experimentations and what branches of science to exploit and those not to.

Research Plan: Sources

From the research, it emerges that the Frankenstein myth involved real concerns. With this apprehension getting more preventive in this century, there arises the need for a scientist to develop a positive theory about their work. The research confirms the fact that science might pose a severe threat to society. As shown above, Rappaccini gets used to show how negative the toxic love and consumption into the need to fully exploit science can bring negative impacts on the person, environment, and general community. Below are background sources showing some fears outlined under scientific advancement.

Nagy, P., Wylie, R., Eschrich, J., & Finn, E. (2018). The enduring influence of a dangerous narrative: How scientists can mitigate the Frankenstein myth. Journal of bioethical inquiry, 15(2), 279-292. The article helps to provide information about the challenges of science to the world.

Turchin, A., & Denkenberger, D. (2018). Classification of global catastrophic risks connected with artificial intelligence. AI & SOCIETY, 1-17. Further helps to offer another insight into the dangers that are associated with scientific development.

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