Essay Sample on The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Published: 2023-05-28
Essay Sample on The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
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Coelho, the author of the text, tries to address the issue of following your own heart despite the underlying opinions from others. Using phrases such as "But I'd like to see the castles in the towns where they live, said his son". The boy was determined in travelling and having his discoveries of the world. The boy was determined to see other parts of the world just as others from the outside continually visited the town. "If he wanted to, he could now return to the oasis, go back to Fatima, and live his life as a simple shepherd" (165). Santiago was made complete and happy by only Fatima. During his departure on running errands, Santiago finally comes to senses about Fatima as he tries to recall her. Despite how others view about love was, Santiago loved Fatima. He finally realizes that other people's view on the waste of time, it was essential for him to follow her desires on the young woman who made him complete. His daily actions were incomplete without Fatima's love.

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Following Santiago's dream, he makes a move to a gipsy woman for interpretation of the goal. Later, he sought to meet the land's king who in returns encourages him on the importance of following his legend. To tour the world, Santiago visits a crystal shop during his regular travels where he finally makes sufficient money to tour Egypt "Just as you know you're not going to buy your sheep" (63). The success of his dream to learn about the outside world becomes evident when he finally Joins a caravan being lead across the desert by a man who had a history of helping people cross to Egypt. The man leading the caravan says "I'm the leader of the caravan, I hold the power of life and death for every person I take with me" (73)". Despite having found love by the Oasis, his treasure had significant importance hence worth leaving her behind. He is later helped by an alchemist to cross to Egypt and view the Pyramids finally. On reaching the Pyramids, he tries to excavate his long-admired treasure. However, he is beaten by some robber. On realizing his real treasure, he decides to travel to Spain where he can meet the person he loves.

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Quality of material thing can represent treasure. In the case of the text, the treasure is represented by something everyone would wish to care for at any given cost. From different viewpoints, treasure can be represented by anything with an absolute value which anyone would consider irreplaceable. Everyone holds their legend, which creates uniqueness. Treasure defines the path of humanity; everyone is entitled to fight for their wealth since it's a core call for pursuit. It's only through completing the request that someone feels complete again. It is, therefore, difficult to alt any actions leading to destiny. Santiago's fate was tied to uniting with the person he truly loved. All the activities, such as travelling to Egypt, were all pointing to his union with Fatima.

Santiago travelled to many places. His journey took place from the desert, Egypt, Spain, and he also went to the crystal shop. All his travels were motivated by his dreams which had further triggered him to want to learn what it meant. All these urged him to start by going to the gypsy. He then discovered that it would take much money to be a traveller and work much in the crystal shop. He worked hard to raise the money required to visit the pyramids in Egypt. He accompanied a caravan at an oasis where he met Fatima and later proved to be his love. His wish came true as he later arrived at the pyramids and was happy for his accomplishments. He can secure his treasure.

Santiago purposes to have multiple journeys each with the mission. All the reasons for his travels are because he wants to learn, and he believes different life experiences accompany every trip. The journeys have a mixture of experiences gained from moments, from fellow travellers or from other people that he interacts with. The mission is to secure his treasure which is located at the pyramids. B: the story represents how most people lead their lives; yearning to learn more and get experience. The story of Santiago illustrates multiple people who endure different backgrounds and situations. The story shows how different people have diverse motives and missions in life. Santiago teaches us to allow learning as a process, embrace obstacles and have hope, and it is one thing that keeps us going.

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At the beginning of the journey, Santiago was very motivated and energetic. He was focused on succeeding in both his mission and quest. His son stated, "But I'd like to see their land and see how they love" (11). His parents had a vision for him and their family, too as they wanted him to be a priest. He knew his purpose and chose to be different. He wanted to explore through travelling and seeing his country as much as other countries. He risked much to satisfy his mission and legend. "With pride, it told the story of a shepherd who left his flock to follow a dream he had on two different occasions" (164). Even though he did opposite to what his father believed in, he also went ahead to confront him by seeking his blessings.

There is greater hope in seeking one's happiness and being truthful to self. The world contains many stories which remain to be untold, and therefore no one knows what to find out if they fail to satisfy their urges. Everything Santiago ventured into came up with a price. By failing to follow his parents' wishes, he lived to his mission and found his love. The novel teaches us that the truth remains to be intact and prosperous if one follows their path.

A vast realization takes place when Santiago arrives at the pyramids. He was able to find the gold he cherished as his treasure and yet felt empty. He did not love and understand what wealth meant anymore. He realized that the gold coins were no longer his wealth. "Because now he knew where his treasure was" (168). The real treasure unveiled to be his love; Fatima. He was always happy and satisfied when he was around Fatima and not around the shiny gold coins. He realized the truth that his heart was still happiest besides the love of his life.

According to my perception and realization after the novel, one is entitled to do whatever they feel their purpose is. If there is a need to explore or take an adventure, one should consider the mandate to do the activity as it makes them happy. Explore as many countries as possible through travelling and seek what good could emergence from it. Santiago found much than his intended treasure. If he had lived to his parents wish and stuck to one place, he would not have become the legend told in the novel; he would not explore and love the other areas. Travelling makes one meet new people; painter Santiago met his love, Fatima. Living for what makes one happy is among the keys to success as it allows one to make a living from the thing that makes you happy.

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