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1. Boucher, J. (2009). Escaping domestic abuse: how women get out and stay out. New Kensington, PA: Whitaker House.

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This piece of work was Jane Bouchers piece of work received for her partial fulfillment of her doctorate at the Ohio State University. In her book, she uses the stories of women who have managed to break away from abusive relations. She terms intimate partner violence as a humiliating experience that only can be handled by a strong woman. She reveals in her book the steps toward freedom from violence and how to find lasting peace after the scenario

2. Hattery, A. (2009). Intimate partner violence. Lanham, Md: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.

Hattery a lecture at Oklahoma University defines Intimate partner violence as a serious but avoidable public health delinquent that affects millions of couples all over the world. He further refines his description and says that physical, psychological and sexual harm that is inhibited by your spouse or partner. His research has proved that this form of situation affects both the homosexuals and heterosexuals. According to the author, the issue of partner violence was never addressed as an issue affecting the psychological well-being of people until just recently

3. Hewstone, M., Stroebe, W. & Jonas, K. (2008). Introduction to social psychology: a European perspective. Malden, MA Oxford: BPS Blackwell Pub.

This Author who is also a Psychology professor at the University of Maryland and her book named Introduction to social psychology is an outstanding piece of work that shows the social effect of violence on the individual and the stigma that this person goes through. She also has revealing research showing that the most affected gender as far as violence in a relationship is concerned is the woman.

4. Hoeft, J. (2009). The agency, culture, and human personhood: pastoral theology and intimate partner violence. Eugene, Or: Pickwick Publications.

This Author defines intimacy violence as the victimization of the less powerful party in a relationship. In his book, he has managed to use feminist theories and theologies of liberation to sort the issue of intimate partner violence. He is also sentimental that there has been a lot of increased mortality rated through such cases.

5. Klein, A. & Klein, J. (2016). Abetting Batterers What Police, Prosecutors, and Courts Aren't Doing to Protect America's Women. City: Rowman & Littlefield Pub Inc.

Klein Andrew is a research investigator while Jessica Klein is a victim of domestic violence and both roughly bring out that the cases of violence in relationships have become too many. They are of the of the opinion that the laws are not bringing in sustainable solutions to sort the issue once and for all

Literature review

The following Examples use the APA format for the Book Citation

Bermann, S. & Levendosky, A. (2011). How intimate partner violence affects children: developmental research, case studies, and evidence-based intervention. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

The authors both professors in psychology and Medical practitioners at the same time in the University of Michigan use data from their surveys around the university to the proof that It is vital to come up with new measures of gauging children's fears and worries as well as speculating their symptoms of traumatic stress. Their research was able to get funding from the National Institute of Justice, the Centers for Disease. Their hypothesis strongly supports that parental intimate partner violence goes a long way in affecting mother-child relationship and well as all the other developmental outcomes of the child

2. Bride, G. & Saxe, J. (2013). Clinical guidelines for advanced practice nursing: an interdisciplinary approach. Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

The authors have done and presented comprehensive research on trends of intimate partner violence in the USA. From their findings, rape and physical assault are the most frequent abuse types and the trends have been on a constant increase since 1993. The research also brought out that the most affected are women and children. It is also revealed that most of the people suffer violence for a very long time before speaking it out.

3. Stith, S. (2006). Prevention of intimate partner violence. New York: Haworth Maltreatment & Trauma Press.

This author brings out that prevention is always better than cure. He presented statistics from the statistics bureau of America saying that there are 1million cases of violence reported every year. He further emphasizes that the best way of dealing with intimate partner violence is by first avoiding it altogether.

4. Robinson, H. (2005). Through the eyes of wounded men: an examination of the interior psychological constructs of men who perpetrate intimate partner violence. Bloomington, Ind: AuthorHouse.

Robinson, the author of Through the eyes of a wounded man, is a psychotherapist who in his book reveals the amount of terror a person who has been affected by violence goes through. He terms it as dark times for the individual and advice that proper counseling should be made underway for healing purposes.

5. Johnson, J. (1976). Introduction to the foundations of American education. Boston: Allyn and Bacon.

Johnson is a scholar and is interested in issues of men and women equally. He uses research to bring out what exactly triggers violence. He uses his knowledge in phycology to get the cause of violence between two people who claim to love each other. His research reveals the violence is an act exhibiting courage and boldness. He concludes that the weaker person in the relationship is the one who is always violent

6. Freeman, A. (2005). Encyclopedia of cognitive behavior therapy. New York: Springer

This authors opinion is that violence in the relationship is a psychological disorder and suggests cognitive theory therapy for people who happen to have this so called disease. He believes that this treatment brings wisdom to an individual and make the person come to the realization.

7. Eby, L. & Allen, T. (2012). Personal relationships: the effect on employee attitudes, behavior, and well-being. New York: Routledge Academic.

Eby and Allen are professors at the University of South Florida who in their book elaborate that our satisfaction in this life has fulfilling and satisfying relationships. They further imply psychological and mental wellbeing is defined by the types of relationships we have.

8. Wormer, K. & Roberts, A. (2009). Death by domestic violence: restricting the murders and murder-suicides. Westport, Conn: Praeger.

Wormer and Robert and Wormer in their book emphasize on the increase in mortality as a result of domestic violence. Their research reveals that 45% of the cases of violence result in death and the numbers as on the increase every day.

9. McCrea, S. (2012). Jerk radar: how to stop an abusive relationship before it starts. Portland, Or: Inkwater Press.

McCrea in this book attempts to show people how to predict early enough that a person is violent. He emphasizes that according to him there is no need for getting into a relationship with someone who seems to exhibit some traits of violence. For him, it would be better if you keep off. He clearly highlights the signs of a potentially violent person.

10. Hoeft, J. (2009). The agency, culture, and human personhood: pastoral theology and intimate partner violence. Eugene, Or: Pickwick Publications.

This Author defines intimacy violence as the victimization of the less powerful party in a relationship. In his book, he has managed to use feminist theories and theologies of liberation to sort the issue of intimate partner violence. He is also sentimental that there has been a lot of increased mortality rated through such cases.

11. Murphy, C. & Maiuro, R. (2009). Motivational interviewing and stages of change in intimate partner violence. New York: Springer Pub. Co.

This is more of a motivation for people who are violent to make them lest assured that it is possible to change for the better. It gives tips that one can follow towards reforming from violence. The writer advocated that the first step towards change is to admit that you are violent. Counseling goes a long way. He also advises therapy and basically, an active mind.

12. Whitaker, D. & Lutzker, J. (2009). Preventing partner violence: Research and evidence-based intervention strategies. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

Whitaker advises in her book on how to live with a violent partner. After all is said and done that one should not be in an abusive relationship, some people still find themselves living in it. She advises that the best way of dealing with an abusive person is not to attack when someone is under the influence or in a bad mood. If you have to talk about a vigorous issue, it would be okay to talk when all is calm.


The following Examples use the APA format for the Book Citation

Hamel, J. (2008). Intimate partner and family abuse a casebook of gender-inclusive therapy. New York: Springer Pub.

This is a Christian book that elaborated how violence is an abuse to the family. This is because it brings mental, psychological and emotional torture to the members of the family. He focuses on Physical violence. When the children, for instance, witness their mother undergoing this they tend to have the fear of their father and puts in a gap. The picture of physical violence will never depart their minds

Harne, L. & Radford, J. (2008). Tackling domestic violence theories, policies, and practice. Maidenhead, England New York: Open University Press.

While we have found that most methods of violence are, physical others face sexual violence. This happens mainly for young intimate relationships especially between a boyfriend and a girlfriend. This book brings to our concern that when young girls get into relationships they may not be interested in sex but find that the men they have must have it. There is, therefore, a point of disagreement and it may lead to sexual violence

Analysis of results

The following Examples use the APA format for the Book Citation

1. Jaffe, P., Wolfe, D. & Campbell, M. (2012). Growing up with domestic violence: assessment, intervention, and prevention strategies for children and adolescents. Toronto: Hogrefe Pub.

We have noted that the trend is that the most affected the incidence of violence are the women. It is echoed by Jaffe and Campbell in their book that the women are the ones who fall as the victims of circumstance

2. Bowen, E. (2011). The rehabilitation of partner-violent men. Oxford Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell.

It has come to our realization that men are the cause of violence in the relationships. Therefore, it is very useful that Bowen in his book tries to give hope to families that are facing violence by writing odd rehabilitation of a violent man. In his book, Bowen emphasizes violence as just a habit just like smoking and if dealt with can be contained.

3. Love, P. & Marmion, S. (2006). Intimate brutality against women: when spouses, partners, or lovers attack. Westport, Conn: Praeger.

According to love, it Is never safe to be in an abusive relationship. From the statistics, 45% of the people facing violence are murdered by the spouses, she, therefore, attempts to open the eyes of the woman towards acting before its too late and also help in healing for such kind of women

4. Trinnity, M. (2011) You are not alone: Maidenhead, England New York: Open University Press.

The writer herself is a victim of domestic violence and ten years down the line it still haunts her. She advises people in the situation to share it with...

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