Application Essay Sample: Seeking for a Chance in Pine Manor College

Published: 2017-12-26
Application Essay Sample: Seeking for a Chance in Pine Manor College
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It is my delight pleasure to take this opportunity to seek for a chance in your institution. It has been my dream to work hard and join your institution following the good performance that your school has been having. My name is Jieyu Ju. I am 18 years old. I am a Chinese Citizen. All my previous educational centres have been I China. I am a much-disciplined girl with no record of any misconduct from my learning institutions. I have good grades from my previous school which is proof that I am an intellect wit.

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The main reason why I was attracted to Pine Manor College is the fact that the school vision is to produce a well round citizen that may fit in the current situation. The mission of the school is also geared towards preparing students for the real world. This is my true definition of an education centre. Unlike other institutions which only focus on the academics of their students, your institution offers the platform for boosting talent. I have a talent in netball ad would love to pursue my talent. It is my sincere believe that at your institution, I will be able to come out successful in my academics and also in my talent. Another reason why I chose your institution is the good reputation it has in the job market. The institution has produced competent people in various professionals. This has made employers in the job market to have a preference for students that come from your institution.

I would highly appreciate if you will accord me the opportunity to be a member of your institution. It will be a beginning of my journey towards the realization of my dream.

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