The Best Classroom - Article Analysis Essay Sample

Published: 2019-11-06
The Best Classroom - Article Analysis Essay Sample
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I was highly impressed when I went through the article. I found that the author employed various techniques to bring out his argument. From the outlook, I could tell where his points lie. This is evident by his use of topic sentences and his strong thesis. In his way of writing, both sides of the argument were brought out clearly.

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The title The Best Classroom captured my attention on what the article entailed. Judging the content of the article from it was possible. It is a specific title with a balanced relevance and personality that still retains the significance of the article. I was totally drawn into the relevance of the article. The topic sentences at the beginning of the each paragraph were the most informative. They summarized information of the entire paragraph. They are informative as they relate back to the articles thesis on the importance of studying abroad. I found it interesting when the author stated that some students perceived studying abroad as a vacation. Normally, it should be an academic experience that boosts one self-confidence and instills new skills.

The thesis statement highlights the main focus of the article. It is the last sentence of the first paragraph. The statement gives a brief and clear understanding of what the article entails. In this article, the thesis statement is the following to achieve this objective and to emphasize the importance of intercultural studies, colleges and universities should require students to study abroad for at least one semester of their undergraduate education.

The article elaborates on the importance of studying abroad. The benefit of learning a new language is a consequence of studying abroad as it establishes a framework for future success. Additionally, instructions, practice and evaluation will be enhanced. One gets the chance to learn new cultures from studying abroad. From the article, this is shown through research. Therefore, unity and understanding of each others culture are fostered. A point to note is the misconception that students go abroad for vacation and not study. It has been established that students who study abroad have self-confidence, and are well equipped with skills in their career.

The conclusion by Brewer and Cunningham is unclear. In my opinion, I do not see how dilemma triggers real learning. I would recommend the use of case examples that are relevant to the topic sentence. The information in this article is definite and true. This can be proven by the Kauffmann, Martin and Weaver statement that foreign setting offer many new resources for instructions, practice and evaluation. To reinforce on this, studying abroad enables one to learn a new language. This is evident in the restaurant when students use a new language to order food. Furthermore, self-confidence is a virtue that is bestowed to students from abroad.

I find the conclusion shaky and not to the point. It is expected that a good conclusion sums up the key points discussed in the article. The conclusion in the subject is general and does not incorporate the outline benefits in the article. Instead, it dwells more on the authors opinion that students are required to seize the opportunity of studying abroad.

The article intends to create awareness on the importance of studying abroad. This is somewhat achieved and is evident through the various research done. However, not all points are well put to convince on the actual benefits. The lack of proper examples is a weakness observed in the article.

The author plays a role of a supporter. He is in for the role of studying abroad in promoting intercultural interactions. In his paragraphs, he brings out the importance and though not clear in his conclusion we can still tell that he is for studying abroad.

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