Free Essay: Manuscript Speech about LeBron James

Published: 2023-04-04
Free Essay: Manuscript Speech about LeBron James
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LeBron James is a very famous person in America. LeBron is an American basket player, and he plays for the Los Angeles team Lakers. Since high school, James has been a very talented basketball player because that is when he was chosen as the best student basketball player. As a first-year student, James scored about 18 points per game, and by scoring 25 points in the championship game, he aided his team to reach a Division 3. As a second-year student, LeBron was the first-ever sophomore to be nominated to play for USA Today All-USA Team. With all these titles and his talent, James became a famous basketball player in the country. In 2016, James won another championship in Cleveland and then joined the Lakers club in the year 2018. This paper is about LeBron James and how he has a strong impact and positive influence on my life.

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The reason why LeBron James is so influential is that in his profession, he is said to be the most influential voice. James is always focused, and in his games, in an NBA All-Star game, he was the only person who would take the floor all night. In a certain interview, James said that the best weekend is to relax at NBA All-Star Weekend and discuss equality and social justice. James also added that he could not only act as a basketball player, so he has to stand up for the community and not stay quiet. LeBron said that there are kids who are struggling to find their way out, and they all look up to him as an inspiration, and also he means a lot for his family (Coombs, & Cassilo, 2017). As a reminder in the NBA, there is a rule that states that the basketball players should stand up for the anthem, and the beginning of a certain season James said that what he does in his community, and his voice is more influential than getting on a knee. LeBron is also influential because he is brave and courageous. He pointed out that there is no disrespect for the military or the flag, but he believes in equality and stating the unjust things are happening in the community. James believes in freedom of speech, and he is unafraid to speak of what is right. For example, when Trayvon was shot, James and his teammates wore hoodies to protests against the shooting of innocent people without distressing his brand. James pointed out that athletes have more power than just dribbling a basketball, and their voice is much as important as the games.

LeBron James had a substantial impact on people's life because not only being a great basketball player, he has a powerful voice, and people listen to what he says because he can balance between social activism and business (Marston, 2017). Having many fans and social media followers, Casey, the coach of Team LeBron, said that players are more listened to than anyone else in the United States, and people love to listen to them when they speak out. Young kids who are struggling with their careers, also, listen to them, try to act like them because they are educated, and they understand the reality being said by the players. As a peaceful activist, LeBron said that he wants to help the basketball understand their real power, and have a platform to speak of what they have ever wanted to say, and he will give up until every athlete has a voice in the community.

James also has a strong impact on my life because he runs a nonprofit organization that helps children with disabilities. The organization is called the LeBron James Family Foundation based in Akron, Ohio, which is his hometown (Abdul-Alim, 2016). This foundation has brought a positive impact on these kids, and through his inspiration, they can achieve and realize their dreams. LeBron has great qualities because such as being hesitant and cautious because he fights for what is right, he is concerned with other issues besides the court, but on top of all that, he can maintain his reputation. In a certain game, LeBron wore a pair of sneakers written equality, sending a message to the fans and all the people in the country, and he later donated the sneakers to Smithsonian National Museum. This museum is for African American History, and through this donation, his sneakers were immortalized to speak for all people who are not treated fairly in the United States.

The reason why LeBron has influenced positively is that he does not only mind his career or championship in basketball, but he is also concerned with other issues affecting the community. For example, in 2015, his organization helped to pay for scholarships for scholars in Ohio's University of Akron by donating 41.8 million dollars. Also, James is the most influential person because to me because he is unafraid to speak the truth, and he helps young people to find their way out. Many kids look up to him as an inspiration, and he never disappoints them because he believes in his voice, and he can balance his career and social activism without ruining his social life.


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